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Membrana Airdrop - Estimated Worth $11 + Ref Earnings

Make an estimated $11 worth of free money online with ease
Membrana is a blockchain-based platform for traders and investors alike to make mutually beneficial contracts without trust issues. 

In their airdrop campaign, every participant has the opportunity to earn free 550 MBN tokens for completing easy social tasks, i.e. joining their social media platforms and repost some of their posts or tweets. 

Additionally, participants can earn an extra 100 MBN tokens for every valid referral. So to earn more tokens, refer as many people as possible. At the time of writing this, one MBN token is 0.02USD, so, the 550 tokens gotten from performing the social tasks is equivalent to $11. To get more, refer as many people as possible. 

Here is the breakdown of what each participant is to do: 
  • Join their telegram group for 150 MBN
  • Follow their twitter page for 150 MBN
  • Register on their website for 100 MBN
  • Join and read their ICO announcement telegram channel for 50 MBN
  • Follow and retweet ICO announcement Membrana review on twitter for 100 MBN

Once you have completed the above steps, you can submit your data which include your email address, social media accounts usernames and ERC-20 compatible ethereum wallet address. If well done, the bot will congratulate you and give you your referral link. Grab the link immediately and start promoting as much as you can.

To participate, sign up here.

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