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Ubecoin Airdrop - Worth $50

Easiest airdrop with good earning
This is an opportunity for everyone to earn $50 easily doing just a single task. Since I've started airdrop hunt, this is the easiest airdrop I've ever witness. All that is required of participants is to join the telegram channel and stay active until the end of the airdrop.

Join their next Telegram airdrop round and claim 500 UBE tokens ($50) for free. You can also earn additional tokens by referring others. You earn 250 UBE ($25) for each valid referral.

To participate, fill the airdrop Google form here. Where you are required to put the telegram username of your referrer, put @Alexis29. It is compulsory to put the username as you will not be able to submit the form without inputting the username.  

All other information you might need about Ubecoin can be found on their whitepaper which you can download from their website. You can download the whitepaper from this link.

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