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Atisios Airdrop - Estimated Worth $15

The Atisios program aims at substituting to all existing loyalty programs in order to allow customers to get universal loyalty’s points, in the form of cryptocurrency. Now they are giving everyone the opportunity to earn some free tokens through their airdrop campaign.

Airdrop Description

Each participant will receive free 2500 ATIS tokens with Atisios Airdrop campaign. Participants can get more tokens by referring friends and family members to sign up through their referral links.

Steps by step instructions

  • Visit Atisios Airdrop page
  • Follow their Facebook page
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Similarly also complete other social tasks
  • You will get entries for completing each task
  • 50 Entries on each referral.


  1. Facebook Account
  2. Twitter Account
  3. Telegram Account
  4. Email address
To participate, sign up here.

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