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Step by Step Guide to Whiteboard Marker Ink Production

A step by step ebook for producing whiteboard marker ink in Nigeria
For centuries teachers used chalk to write on blackboards. Today's classrooms have whiteboards that require dry erase markers. Regular markers are made to be permanent, while dry erase markers are designed to write information on whiteboards that can be wiped clean with any soft cloth or paper towel. The difference between the two markers is an oil-based substance, a silicone polymer added to the dry erase type to prevent it from making a permanent mark on a non-porous surface. However, when such markers are used on a porous or absorbable surface, the mark could be permanent.

Except in rural areas, the use of chalk and chalkboard has gradually disappeared from our classrooms. Gone were the days when children used slates to learn to read and write. Majority of the class work was written on slates. Gradually, slates faded and gave way to exercise books and the use of chalkboards by the teachers.

Today, most people are moving away from the black chalkboards to the whiteboards, which require a dry erasable ink to write on it. Whiteboards use dry erase inks which are filled into the markers to enable them to write. They are specifically designed to be wiped easily off non-porous surfaces, specifically whiteboard. It requires the user to put less pressure on the board and the use of a whiteboard with a marker is far less messy than the use of chalkboard with chalk. Note that dry erasable inks are only erasable on non-porous surfaces like whiteboards. They are not erasable on porous surfaces.

The whiteboard marker ink is a special ink which is used to refill used whiteboard markers. It is easily erased when it is applied to a whiteboard or any non-porous surface, that's why it is called a dry erasable whiteboard marker ink.

Whiteboard marker ink Production eBook

How to make whiteboard marker ink sourcing materials locally

This is an opportunity to learn how to produce ink for whiteboard markers and sell to schools, colleges and other institutions of learning in your locality and even supply to bookshops around you. This is a lucrative business opportunity, as you may already know, almost all schools in our locality today are using a whiteboard marker. And the imported ink and markers are so expensive.

So, if you can produce your own, sourcing all the required ingredients locally, you should be able to subsidize your price and get good patronage from schools and other institution. This Step by Step eBook Guide on ink production will help you achieve that. It's written in a way that anybody that can read will be able to follow and produce ink successfully. That you don't know anything about chemicals is not an issue. You will get detailed information on all the required chemicals, where to buy them at a very cheap price, and a detailed explanation of how to formulate the ink to get the desired results.

With this ebook, you can produce and package this ink and supply to schools, other learning institutions, and bookshops. Your profit margin could be very high as the business is highly lucrative. The earlier you join us the better for you because for now the market is NOT yet saturated. And you know we Nigerians, once one person discovers a business opportunity that is lucrative and other people gets to know about it, almost everybody will rush into it. So, get started now before the market becomes too saturated.

This manual contains 3 different formulations so that you can get all the required chemicals for at least one of the formulations in your locality. And if you live in Lagos, no problem at all, you will get all the required chemicals in Lagos. Where to get them is stated in the manual.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • The CHEMICALS NEEDED for the production of whiteboard marker ink
  • The proportion of each chemical needed
  • A detailed Step by Step formula to produce this ink and package it.
  • Where to source for chemicals locally
  • The Market and profit potential.

You don't have the capital to start a business is not an excuse. You can start this business with less than NGN10,000. While not get this ebook and give it a try right away. You can become the owner of a lucrative business that will terminate your financial worries today. Get a copy of the ebook now.

How much is the ebook?

Ebook guide for making whiteboard marker ink
A lot of people will charge as high as NGN20,000 to teach you the secrets you're going to learn in this whiteboard marker ink production ebook, and as a matter of fact, what they will teach is nothing to compare with what you're going to learn here. This manual contains 3 different formulations to create an opportunity for a lot of people. We developed these 3 different formulations to take care of the challenges of not being able to source for the chemicals in your locality. If the chemicals for one formula is not available in your location, out of the 3 you should be able to get complete chemicals for one of the formulations.

By the time you finish reading the guide, you will agree with me that the information it contained is far worth more than the price I'm giving it out.

If I ask you to pay NGN10,000, I will be justified because the information is worth more than that. But I won't. You only need to pay a token of NGN2,999. Yes, you got me right, just a token of NGN2,999 and you will be armed with the right information to start this lucrative business of producing whiteboard marker ink.

How to Buy?

1. Make a payment of NGN2,999 ($10) into any of the following account details:


  • Account Name: Alexander Ubokwe
  • Account Number: 0129351105
  • Bank: GTBank

Access Bank

  • Account Name: Alexander Ubokwe
  • Account Number: 0095965843
  • Bank: Access Bank
2. After payment, send an SMS with your payment details to 08081862062 or send a Whatsapp message with your payment details to 08187664783.

3. Once your payment is confirmed, you will get a download link to the book within 24 hours.

NOTE: The card payment option works for both non-Nigerians. So if you are outside Nigeria and you are interested in this book, use the option.

Note: If you have doubt, please scroll down towards the end of the page for testimonials 

Market/Materials Price Analysis

For those of you who have been calling me to ask for price analysis to have an idea of what the profit margin is before you get started, here is the analysis table for you. Of course, the chemical names are withheld, that information is for the paid readers (those who have purchased the manual).

I will leave you to calculate the profit margin by yourself. My focus is on the capital to get you started. The table analyzes the cost of a liter of each component and how many liters of ink a liter of a given component can produce. And like I stated above, the manual contains 3 different formulations. I will start the analysis with the cost of producing the latest formulation we just came up with, which is the cheapest formulation so far and then wrap it up with the second one. I won't do that of the third one because the cost is almost the same as that of the second (even though we used different chemicals in the formulation).

Market/Material Price Analysis for Formula I
Chemicals Cost Per Liter (NGN) For 2 Litres Production Remarks
Carrier Solvent I 400 1 liter You use it all
Solvent II 3,500 1 liter You also use it all
Colour 2,500 1 Kg  You use 100g, meaning you have 900g to use for further production

From the table above for production of ink using our formula I, you will spend a total of NGN 6,400 to produce 2 liters of ink. Note that the 1 Kg of Colour you bought for NGN 2,500 you will use it to produce 20 liters in all since you are using only 100g for 2 liters production ( I hope you understand the maths). It is only the carrier solvent I and the Solvent II that you used all for the above table, and when you sell the 2 liters of ink produced you will make about NGN10,00. And you still have the color left for more production, meaning if you want to produce subsequently, you don't need to spend money on color.

The prices of these chemicals are not fixed, if you are buying in large quantity the price will reduce significantly. And also, the price varies from place to place. The analysis here is what is obtainable in Lagos Chemical Market at the time of writing this page. At the time of writing this a liter of ink sells between NGN 4,500 to NGN 5,000. Use this figure to calculate your profit margin, or let me quickly help you to do justice to that:

Let's assume you want to produce 20 liters, you will need to buy 10 liters of carrier solvent I (NGN 4,000), 10 liters of Solvent II (NGN 35,000) and 1kg of color (NGN 2,500). This sums up to NGN 41,500. Let's say you sell a liter for NGN 4,500 that will be NGN 4,500 x 20 = NGN 90,000
If you are using a 1liter capacity container for packaging, it sells for around NGN 80 per piece. And for the label, ask any printer and they will tell you the larger the quantity you print the cheaper. When I calculate the cost of the label of one of my products it was NGN 1.50 (One Naira Fifty Kobo) because I produce in large quantity.

You maximize profit if you produce in large quantity because you will enjoy a huge discount on the cost of chemicals and even on the cost packaging materials if you choose to customize your products (the larger the number of packaging materials you're buying, the lesser the money also).

Did I hear you ask, "Can I produce without packaging?" Yes, of course! In that case, you need to build a customer base of schools in your locality. We have schools that we produce for on request. What we do is to put the product in a used 'Ragolis' or EVA bottle or whatever you call it (you know what I'm talking about) and take it to them. That helps us to pocket the money we're supposed to use for packaging.

Tabular Analysis for Formula II

Chemicals Cost Per Liter (NGN) How many times (number of liters) used Remarks
Solvent 1 400 1.53 Meaning you'll use 1 liter in the production of 1.53 liters of ink
Solvent 2 700 6.25 You use 1 liter in the production of 6.25 liters of ink
MEG 1800 14.3 Use in the production of 14.3 liters of ink
Oil 2,000 or 4,000 6.7 There are 2 variants of it. The thicker one is more expensive and better
Acid 2,000 (per kg) 3.3 You will use it in the production of 3.3 liters of ink
Pigment 2,500 About 15 - 20 You will use it for about 20 liters of ink

If you can do the maths yourself, you'll see that formula one is a bit cheaper. That's because the binder we use has been pre-mixed industrially with all the other components listed in the formula 2. Although it may be scarce in your location, that shouldn't deter you from production since we are always here to help. We will send any of the chemicals you cannot get in your location to you (anywhere you live in Nigeria).

If you are not in Nigeria and you are interested in this, you can chat me up on Whatsapp (+2348187664783), if don't have Whatsapp, reach me on Facebook (https://facebook.com/alex.ubokwe), still not on Facebook, how about Telegram (@Alexis29). You can equally reach me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/fusionspring/)

Other Ebooks in our Collection

A Step by Step Guide to Paint Making Ebook 

With this ebook, you will be able to produce different types of paints. Particularly you will be able to produce:

  • Emulsion paint
  • Smooth and Rough Textcoat Paint
  • Satin (Nylon) Paint
  • Detailed step by step guide on making paints
  • The different chemical used and their functions, and 
  • Packaging and marketing strategies. 
To order for it, check this page, click here


To the doubting "Thomases" out there where think everything on the internet is not real, these testimonials will prove you wrong.

And to those who think that I will scam you of Three Thousand Naira (NGN3,000), please begin to think differently. Go through the following testimonials and change your mindset.


  • The testimonials were sent through WhatpsApp conversations, so the following are just screenshot of the conversations. 
  • Also note that most of the testimonials here are from those who bought the ink ebook, 
  • others are from those who bought the paint ebook, 
  • some from those who bought the cosmetics ebook; and 
  • the rest from those who sent money to me to help them chemicals and send to their locations. 

If I didn't scam any of them, why should I start with you.

Testimonial from a Customer in Jos

This is a screenshot of testimonial of buyer who produced the ink successfully

And the second part of  his testimonial

Another testimonial from a buyer who was able to produce the ink

Let me give a little brief of his testimonial.

This person (from Jos) has his doubt (just like you) but somehow he gave it a try and made payment for the ebook. Of course, as usual, I delivered the book to him immediately and his trust level increased. Unfortunately he couldn't get all the chemicals in his location and those that are available were very expensive (cos they were laboratory grade).

Consequently, he opted in to send money to me so I could buy the chemicals and send to him. That bought another issue of trust again, but somehow he gave it a try again. He sent NGN15,000 to buy the chemicals in bulk.

As usual, I bought the chemicals and send to him, he was able to receive the chemicals the next day. Take note of the images above and see where I highlighted the image with boxes (the first image in particular). I'm sure you can see the conversation indicated with green and red box in the first image which reads as follows:

Good morning sir, I saw your message yesterday but your number isn't going through. I called the driver this morning and he said they are still on their way. I thank you so much sir, you are really a trustworthy man. May God prosper your ways.

If this guy could pay for the ebook, I didn't scam him but deliver, it didn't end there, he sent NGN15,000 for the chemicals, I still didn't scam him for 15K, is it 3K I will scam you of? Common change your thinking.

How about the result of his production?

Take note of the second image where I indicated with a green box. The message reads:

I have produced 1 liter so far, it was just so excellent, sir. I measured _______ of colorant. I mixed them and saw how good it was. Thanks sir, you are the one that made it possible.

I strike out some part of the text because there's no way I will give you my formula for free. I didn't get it free. That apply to every other images here, where part of the text has been cut out.

This guy overcame his doubt, gave it a try and now he's a happy owner of a lucrative business in Jos. It can also be you.

A Buyer from Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Testimonial of a buyer from Congo Democratic Republic

This is actually for Paint Making Ebook. This guy all the way from Congo, saw the paint production ebook and coughed out NGN7,500 for the full package. He made payment through Western Union, he even added extra NGN138.18 as you can see in the screenshot above (indicated with light purple colour in the image above).

If a Congolese could trust me enough to send money for my ebook, I did not scam him but sent the ebook and now he can be a proud owner of paint production business in his country, why should I scam you.

So, if you are reading this from any part of the world and you are interested in any of my ebook, you can get it. Just contact me on WhatsApp (+2348187664783) or Telegram (@Alexis29), let's work out how you can get it.

Testimonial of a Buyer from Ekiti

Testimonial of a buyer from Ekiti state who was able to produce the ink

The continuation of his testimonial
Testimonial of a buyer from Ekiti state who produced the ink successfully

This is a testimonial of a buyer from Ekiti state. He bought the manual but could not get some of the chemicals. Take note of where I highlighted the image above. The conversation reads as follows:

I have sent 12,000 sir for all the materials. I will get back to you.

I indicated it with a green box in the first image above. If I didn't scam him of NGN12,000 why should I scam you of NGN3,000. Change your thinking.

Now, after production, look at his lengthy testimonial, where I indicated with orange box in the second image. The testimonial reads thus:

I don't know how to appreciate you sir, for your uprightness, sincerity and faithfulness,I thank God for you sir and for the life of our Lord Jesus Christ in you, you have done so much for me by empowering me ,as a Corper being concerned what next after service,I have spent about eighty something thousand since my eleven months of service which is about to end,both in research and in buying fake materials,in all this I have mate different fraudulents and risk and agony, nevertheless I have been persistent, hopefull and hard-working until this precious time when God sent you sir as the angel of help to me Just as  to the Ethiopian Eunuch under the tree...., Very lengthy story, In Summary ,may the Lord and our savior Jesus Christ,see you through, bless your family, protect you, promote you, smash your enemies and lastly always remember this sacrifices you paid to me, here on Earth and then in eternity,And I say,AMEN IN JESUS NAME.

I hope you can see the testimonial yourself in the image above. Today he is a happy owner of ink production business.

A Buyer from Ghana

Testimonial of a buyer from Ghana who produced the ink

You can see the conversation from the image yourself. People are buying my formulations from around the world, but the doubting thomases Nigerians are still holding back. Are you one of them? Please, change your thinking (for your own good).

A Buyer from Brazil

A buyer of the ink and paint making manual from Brazil

How to get manual for making ink and paint in Brazil

You can see clearly where I highlighted the image with a coloured box, he stated he's from Brazil. He bought both the ink and paint manual. He paid through PayPal, as it can be seen from the screenshot (his payment receipt is there). You can read the screenshot by yourself. So, if you are in Brazil reading this and you need any of the manuals sold on this website, just hit me up on WhatsApp or any other social media as listed here.

A Buyer from Iran

A testimonial of a buyer from Iran who was able to produce the ink

Look at the conversation in the image above. This man (PhD holder) all the way from Iran was able to make a way of paying for this manual (he paid through PayPal) and as usual, the ebook was delivered to him. Check his phone number yourself (+98915246......), you can see that that's Iranian phone number.

If a PhD holder all the way from Iran could pay for this manual, what is a primary school holder like me still waiting for? Get it today and be a proud owner of a lucrative business.

A Buyer from Kenya

A buyer of the ink and paint making manual from Kenya

You can read it yourself from the screenshot, he clearly mentioned he's from Kenya. He paid through Western Union. Distance is never a barrier as long as you can use any of the payment methods (Direct bank transfer, PayPal or Western Union). His payment receipt and tracking number is there, you can see it yourself.

Payment and Delivery Proof

 I just decided to add this because of the unique payment receipt above and my delivery proof. There are many of this type but, of course, I can't put all on the website.

Double Payment and Retrieval Testimonial

You can read the conversation yourself. Joy, because of network problem, paid twice. I didn't scam her of 6K but refund the extra 3K, why should I start with you. 

Don't let your doubt or fear keep you behind. Get the ebook today and own a business.

Another Paint Manual Testimonial 

A testimonial from a buyer of paint making manual

This is for paint production ebook, but I decided to add it here too. It's part of my product and proof of authenticity of my formulations. 

Skincare, Soap, Cosmetics and other Household Formulation ebook

Testimonial for production manual

Look at the image clearly, the phone number in particular. The same person that opted for paint production manual is the person that still bought the cosmetics, skincare, and other household consumables ebook. 

One of the customers bought almost all the ebook I have on sale on this website. I could remember he bought ink, paint and cosmetics formulation ebooks. 

A Customer from Umuahia

This is another testimonial from a guy in Umuahia. He bought the ebook and also sent money for chemicals. Today he's happily producing. I forget to include on this screenshot samples of his products pictures he sent to me.

A Guy from Lebanon

A buyer of ink and paint manual from Lebanon

It's clearly stated on the screenshot that he's from Lebanon. He opted for paint manual. So, if you are in Lebanon, you can get this manual. If you don't use PayPal, you can send the money through Western Union.  

Another Iranian Guy

Continuation of our conversation
Testimonial of a buyer from Iran

You can read the conversation yourself. Take note of where he's praising me there. The text reads thus:

Wow, you're really good, Alex, thank you, wooow
You can see clearly from the image (first one), the statement was after I sent the manual to him. If I didn't scam him, why should I start with you.

 Other Random Delivery Proofs

Yes, I tagged it "Random" because I just selected them randomly. I can't put everything here.

Of course, I can't put all the testimonials here. These are just randomly selected ones. Some testimonials are, of course, phone calls. A man from Abuja NGN30,000 for chemicals, another from Keffi, Nassarawa, sent NGN15,000, one from Niger sent NGN14,000 and so many others like that. They all sent their testimonials through phone calls.

These are just few selected testimonials to prove that:

  • I am real and deliver on my promises
  • My formulations are genuine and work
  • My business practices are trustworthy
Thanks for taking your time to read. Place your order for any of the ebook and start your own business today. You don't need any huge capital. 


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