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How I Have Been Making Money Online From Terrabit and How You Too Can

Proof of payment from Terrabit Credit coin investment

How to Earn Massively with Terra CREDIT on Terra-bit  

This post is supposed to have come up earlier than this, but because of my tight schedule, I couldn't publish it since. The beginning of every year is characterized by new year resolutions. One of my resolutions was to make more money this year, online and offline, like I have never made before. And thanks be to God I discovered a platform that has been helping me to achieve my dream.

If you are like me and want to make more money this year like never before, then you are in the right place, just thank your stars for helping you to discover this web page. I will reveal everything you need to know and do to make money even while sleeping, from the platform I will reveal to you shortly.

The most beautiful part of it is that I'm giving out the information free of charge! 

A lot of people will package this type of information and charge you a huge sum for it. I have been making enough money with it and I want you to join me let's make more money together. 

To prove to you that what I'm talking about is real, permit me to share some screenshots of my bank alerts, I mean the alerts I have received for withdrawals from the platform I'm going to reveal to you shortly. I'm doing this, not to show you that I have money, but to prove to you that what I'm going to show you is real. If you want your bank account to be green for the rest of this year and beyond, then this opportunity is for you. Just take your time to go through all of the screenshots of my earnings below. 

Proof of payment from Terrabit

Payment alerts from Terrabit Tellus-Pay

A guide to making money online with Terra Foundation Exchange - Terrabit

Screeenshots of payment alerts from Terrabit-Tellus pay

Proof of payment trading Terra Credit and withdrawing the money in Nigerian Naira

Payment alerts from Terrabit trading Credit coin

Look at the screenshots clearly, you notice that the account number is the same. The account is mine, these pictures are not from any other person, so I know what exactly I'm writing about. If you really want to experience a financial breakthrough this year, then this is the opportunity you have been looking for.

You may ask, "Why are most of the withdrawal amount N19,800?". To answer that question, Terrabit processes Naira withdrawal through the Paystack payment processor. And Paystack is based in Nigeria. Remember the policy that guides our ATM withdrawals, the maximum ATM withdrawal per transaction is N20,000. This same policy applies to Paystack and every other payment processor in Nigeria. That's why most of the withdrawals here are N19,800, as Paystack charges N200 for withdrawal of N20,000. 

In essence, you can withdraw only N20,000 per transaction from Terrabit. You can however perform up to 5 withdrawals of N20,000 each per day,  making a total of N100,000 per day. But for crypto, there's no limit to how much you can withdraw.

If you don't believe in SMS screenshots, let me also show you email alerts to drive my point home. Carefully go through the email alerts below. I'm sorry for the faint image, I used a smaller system to take the screenshot. In order to capture all the relevant details, I have to reduce the resolution of the device. You may have to zoom your device to be able to see the lettering on the image. 

Email alert of payment proof of Terrabit

Payment proofs of Terrabit

Payment proof of trading Credit coin on Terrabit

Email alerts proof of payment from Terra Credit

Screenshots of payment proof from Terra Foundation trading Terra CREDIT on Terrabit

Payment alert proof from Terrabit exchange

Screenshot of email alert from Terrabit

Screenshots of proof of payment from Terra Foundation trading terra credit coin

Alert to proof that Terrabit pays

This is a screenshot to proof that CREDIT investment pays

Proof of payment with credit coin investment program

This is to proof that credit investment is real and profitable

This is the proof that investment in Terra credit is profitable and pays

Proof of payment from CREDIT coin investment on Terrabit exchange

Also, note that I cropped out some information from the screenshots; that's done for security purposes. Lastly, under "Remarks", some of the images read "Payout from Terrabit" while others read "Payout from Terracex". That's because Terrabit was formerly known as Terracex. It was later renamed earlier this year to Terra-bit.

If you still don't believe in email alerts, permit me to share with you the screenshot of my account on the platform I'm going to share with you

Screenshot of my earnings in Terrabit account

Screenshot of my Etherium withdrawal from Terra-bit

The screenshot above is for both Naira and Ethereum withdrawal. You can see the amount of Ethereum that I withdrew at once. At the time of that withdrawal, Eth was trading around $250, so you can imagine how much that worth in Naira at the time - do the maths yourself.

All of the above are enough pieces of evidence to prove to you that what I'm talking about is real; I do hope your name is not Doubting Thomas. You can start to get these types of alerts the very next day you tap into this opportunity I'm presenting here, however, it all depends on your input.

If you are still in doubt, before you hit the back button or close this page, please scroll down to the end of the page and watch video testimonials of people around the world who are also benefiting from Terrabit. After watching the video don't forget to read the whole article before you take action. 

I know by now, you are eager to know what I'm talking about. It is called MiniPoS

Well, when the word POS is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is Point of Sale or that kiosk where you go to send or receive money. Well, that is not what I'm talking about here. As you can see, POS is different from PoS (take note of the way I wrote the two acronyms, one has a capital letter 'O' and the other small letter 'O'). 

My focus here is on the one with a small letter 'O' i.e. PoS. PoS is used in blockchain technology. It simply means Proof of Stake.

In case you don't know, one of the best inventions of this generation is blockchain technology, and one of the best investments of our age is cryptocurrency. Let me not bother you with too much story because I want you to take action right away and start making money like me. If you want to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency generally, a simple Google search would help.

So, What is MiniPoS and How Do You Make Money With It?

I can't talk about MiniPoS without talking about the company behind it and the currency that powers it. So permit me to, first of all, write about the company, Terra Foundation; and then the currency, CREDIT.

TERRA Foundation, a company behind the CREDIT cryptocurrency has designed Credit (CREDIT) to offer free and fast Blockchain-based payments. Credit employs Proof of Stake consensus which allows any user to become a block producer. Block producers support the CREDIT blockchain network and get rewarded with new coins for doing so. This function replaces traditional mining which is expensive because it requires sophisticated equipment, and the process is too complicated for an ordinary person.

Terra Foundation offers a huge slew of products to focus on the development of digital payments processing in developing nations of Africa, one of which is Nigeria, the largest market in Africa. Even though the primary focus was Africa, at the time of writing this, they have spread beyond the shores of Africa, as one of the major markets is Colombia, a country in the American Continent. In addition to the project’s main focus, which is Credit (CREDIT), a decentralized cryptocurrency, the company has developed several supporting products that each offer something groundbreaking to various emerging markets.

The main goal of the team behind Terra Credit is the adoption of cryptocurrency, not just Terra Credit, as a means of payments globally. As you might have known, adoption is crucial to ensure the advancement of financial systems towards decentralized blockchain, and Terra Credit is set out to make that possible.

Their ultimate goal is to see their coin and its supporting ecosystems provide different solutions that will bring the world's unbanked population into the era of digital currency, and also, to secure the future of cryptocurrency as a whole. According to the CEO and his team, every aspect of their coin has been designed to achieve that.

The CREDIT Blockchain

At its core, CREDIT is a hybrid PoW/PoS blockchain. For those who are totally new to crypto, you might not know what PoW/PoS stands for. The technology behind cryptocurrencies varies from one coin to another.  While some digital currencies like Bitcoin can be mined, others may be forged.
One of the major defining factors of any coin is the consensus algorithms that it uses as this determines how the coin achieves distributed consensus. There are many types of consensus models, the main ones being PoW, PoS, PoA, dPoS, PoB and PoL. For a better understanding of what will follow, let’s have some background knowledge of two of the consensus algorithms, i.e. PoW and PoS.

Proof of Work (PoW)

PoW in simple terms stands for Proof of Work. It is a method used by cryptocurrencies to gain distributed consensus and was first deployed by Bitcoin as a method of validating transactions and adding new coins into the market, a process also known as mining.

Mining also secures the blockchain as miners are rewarded to maintain the integrity of the network. In cryptocurrencies that utilize the PoW model, miners running peer-to-peer computers compete with each other to validate other people’s transactions on the blockchain. The miner who adds a block of transactions to the blockchain is rewarded with a defined number of coins for their “work” in the network.

The reward is used as an incentive that encourages miners to maintain the integrity of the network by safeguarding against double-spending. Another key role of the PoW algorithm is to safeguard the network from bad actors. To breach the network, you’ll need to execute the 51% attack (I will talk about this type of attack in subsequent posts), which basically requires you to have over half of the network’s computing power to take control of the network. Economically, this isn’t possible because of the large amount of money required to make it happen, which easily runs into hundreds of billions of dollars.

The problem with this consensus is that it’s highly capital intensive. It is notorious for consuming loads of electricity to confirm transactions because miners have to use power-hungry mining rigs to get the massive computational power needed to solve the cryptic mathematical puzzles.

Additionally, PoW consensus centralizes mining. Due to the slim profit margins associated with mining, miners need access to cheap electricity in order to conduct these activities. Countries such as China have cheap electricity and as a result, have the largest concentration of miners in the world.
Because mining requires users to have expensive mining rigs in order to mine, it tends to lock out poor communities or individuals from participating in mining. These challenges brought about other alternative consensus algorithms, one of which is PoS, the type that the CREDIT blockchain runs on.

Many other models are still coming up, such as Proof of Burn (PoB) and Proof of Location (PoL), however, I will restrict myself to Proof of Work and Proof of Stake in this entry.

Proof of Stake (PoS)

Proof of Stake (PoS) is a consensus algorithm that enables a cryptocurrency network to achieve distributed consensus. Unlike Proof of Work, Proof of Stake doesn’t involve mining. Instead, coin holders lock a given amount of their coins to verify transactions and to secure the network.
Investors holding PoS coins don’t need to perform cryptic computational puzzles for them to confirm transactions. This makes it easier for those without access to expensive mining rigs to engage with the network and participate.

There are also special safeguards in place to make sure that those with the largest number of coins aren’t the only ones who receive rewards on the network.

In a coin that makes use of PoS consensus, coins are not mined but forged. Coin holders who stake their coins get to confirm transactions. They earn the transaction fee as an incentive - this is where you and I come in as far as CREDIT blockchain is concerned.

Coin holders also safeguard the network from malicious actors and hackers. In case there’s a breach of the network, coin holders stand to lose their staked coins, so they have to keep the system secure. All they need to do is to “stake” their coins and the system randomly selects the coin holder who will generate the next block, and the one that successfully generates the next block is rewarded with new coins.

Most PoS coins have measures in place to deter coin holders with the largest amount of coins from controlling the network. Such measures include a randomized block selection and the coin age selection, or a blend of the two. The good news is that the coin age selection has special safeguards that prevent those with the oldest coins from holding and continuously controlling the network.

To learn more about other consensus models, a simple Google search would help. The focus here is on CREDIT, its blockchain, and how you can benefit from it, so permit me to go into that right away.
CREDIT, now officially into its second year of block production via PoS only, has thousands of Credit miners supporting the CREDIT Blockchain and earning new coins for doing so. Since its launch, Terra Foundation has ensured that CREDIT users have the widest range of wallets available. With support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android; and even, Raspberry Operating Systems, from inception. CREDIT miners do not compete with each other and all of them even support the CREDIT blockchain.

The beautiful thing with the CREDIT project is that it is a highly progressive blockchain which can support CREDIT mining with almost any digital device, offering a real-world solution to those struggling to store and increase wealth outside of the conventional system. They have developed a platform called MiniPoS where anybody can mine CREDIT without having any complicated device, and, even if you don’t have any device at all, you can at least have access to a cybercafé in your locality. You can sign up from a cybercafé and mine CREDIT coin on the MiniPoS platform. I will talk more about this as we go along.

With this laudable project, solo miners can stake rewards with a potential gain of 100% annual profit, and receive mining rewards. CREDIT is a payment processing platform that already facilitates online and physical payments across every conceivable device. Dan Ronchese, Founder of The Terra Foundation and creator of the Credit (CREDIT) Cryptocurrency, stated:

“The only way a cryptocurrency can become a global payment system is if everyone who makes payments has access to it”

The CREDIT system is designed in a simple way for anyone who has a basic computer or smartphone to benefit from their blockchain. In this way, the MiniPoS system is designed as a web-based cryptocurrency passive profit generator that stakes Credit and awards income hourly. This leads me to the question of how you can earn from maintaining the CREDIT blockchain.

How to Earn Hourly Rewards from CREDIT Blockchain

As stated earlier, Terra Foundation, the company behind CREDIT has made it so simple for anyone with basic resources to earn from their blockchain. There are two ways you can mine the credit coin. You can be a solo miner, using your personal device (laptop or desktop – you don’t need to have a sophisticated one, as PoS coins don’t rely on your computing power, rather on the number of your coins); and you can mine on MiniPoS – one of the nodes of the credit blockchain, running on Terrabit exchange - a revolutionary crypto exchange also owned by Terra Foundation.

MiniPoS is an integral part of the Terrabit exchange, so I can’t talk about it without first of all talking about Terrabit exchange.

Terrabit Exchange -  Manage Crypto on the go

Terrabit is a highly secure and super-fast centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Their major aim is to escalate the adoption of cryptocurrency so that you and the rest of the world can achieve financial freedom and inclusion. They have several fiat-based markets that allow the users to think global and trade locally with fiat-based markets. It is an all-inclusive web-based and mobile app supported exchange, a highly secure and super-fast centralized cryptocurrency exchange, a payment processing platform, and Crypto mining exchange – it’s indeed an inclusive platform! The Terrabit platform was designed to keep your funds safe at all times while allowing you access to it whenever you need it.

Terrabit makes it effortless to send money, pay for goods or to receive payments for services. It’s an all-in-one crypto platform that makes it easy for crypto management on the go!

Who Uses Terrabit?

Terrabit was developed in South Africa for Africa, but it’s so good that the whole world is embracing it and benefiting from its innovative products. Their growth markets are in:

  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Columbia
  • Others are being added 

The Terrabit platform is a transparent, sustainable, secure, feasible, and user-friendly crypto exchange and payment processing platform. It has the following features integrated for an efficient and effective experience:


  • Transact and store credit
  • Safe and secure storage of crypto


  • Buy, and 
  • Sell crypto coins


  • Enables unbanked and banked users to have access to a digital wallet 
  • Pay for goods and services with fiat or crypto


  • With the Terrabit platform, you no longer need a bank account to operate a physical or digital store
  • Accept payments as a seller of goods or services

Safe and secure

  • Completely safe and secure so you can transact with peace of mind.

Fast payments

  • Designed to allow instant payments.

No third-party

  • Send and receive payments without the need for a third party, like  bank.

Virtually no transaction fees

  • No transaction fees on sending or receiving Credit. Super low transaction fees on currency exchanges.

Easy-to-use wallet

  • Enjoy a passive income stream without the need for expensive equipment and technical knowledge.

All those features make Terrabit stands out from other conventional crypto exchange platforms. Let's now move into the core topic of this web page i.e. MiniPoS.

The MiniPOS

Making money on autopilot has not been easier. Ultra-secure with thousands of users around the globe, a unique feature that distinguishes Terrabit from other crypto exchange platforms is the MiniPoS. It is an integral part of the exchange that enables almost anyone to mine the CREDIT coin.

It is a digital wallet that offers many advantages:

  1. It automatically mines credit on any device for 100% profit per year. All you need to do is to sign up for an account on Terrabit, fund it with crypto or fiat currency, buy some credit coins, as much as you can afford, transfer them into the miner and go to sleep while the miner makes money for you around the clock. 
  2. You can earn additional passive income from their referral program. What you need to do is to introduce your friends (enemies alike, they will help you to make money, of course!) and earn a bonus every hour on 5 levels. Mining profits are paid to your wallet every hour. Bank deposit and credit card payments are available in NGN,  ZAR, USD, and COP (Colombian Peso). USD deposit is available internationally using a debit or credit card.

Follow these simple steps to start earning

  • Head over to Terrabit Exchange and Register.   
  • Complete your kyc to upgrade and secure your account
  • Make a fiat deposit by bank or credit card
  • You can also deposit Eth or USDT
  • Buy credit
  • Transfer credits to MiniPOS
  • Start enjoying your mining rewards on an hourly basis. You can sell your profit for fiat like NGN, COP, USD and ZAR and withdraw directly to your local bank accounts. You can equally sell to other crypto coin of your choice e.g. you can sell to ETH.
Hold on! Don't jump into Google searching for these steps! You definitely won't see any of these steps anywhere else!

I will walk you through a step by step guide on how to do all of the above but before I do that, permit me to do some tabular analysis of how much can be earned from MiniPoS, on a monthly and yearly basis, based on your investment and the current and projected prices of CREDIT.

The analysis below is based on the price of CREDIT at the time of writing this article and the projected price of CREDIT, which is $0.01.

Since my screenshots of Proof of Payment, posted above, show credit alerts in NGN (Nigerian Naira), I will, first of all, do a tabular analysis for the Nigerian readers using Naira as my base currency. There will also be two analyses here; one for the current price of CREDIT, and the other for the projected price of Credit ($0.01 x 350 = N3.5).

Tabular Analysis of How Much Can Be Earned Based on Current Price (N0.00182)

At the time of writing this CREDIT trades between N0.00182 and N0.00203, but permit me to use the lower limit in my analysis.

Note: The figures are rounded up to the nearest whole number. Also, talking about the projected price of Credit, which is set at $0.01, I used an exchange rate of N350 per dollar.

Your Investment N5,000 N10,000 N20,000 N50,000 N100,000 N500,000 N1,000,000
Number of Credit coins  2,747,252 5,494,505 10,989,010 27,472,527 54,945,055 274,725,275 549,450,549
Credit coin mined per day 7,526 15,053 30,107 75,267 150,534 752,672 1,505,344
Monthly ROI: current price  (N) N410 N822 N1,644 N4,110 N8,219 N41,096 N82,192
Yearly ROI: current price (N) N4,931 N9,863 N19,726 N49,315 N98,630 N493,151 N986,301
Monthly ROI: projected price(N3.5) N790,230 N1,580,565 N3,161,235 N7,903,035 N15,806,070 N79,030,560 N158,061,120
Yearly ROI: projected price (N3.5) N9,482,760 N18,966,780 N37,934,820 N94,836,420 N189,672,840 N948,366,720 N1,896,733,440

You may think that some of the figures above are unrealistic. Well in the crypto space, anything is possible, it is the only avenue that a common man can turn a millionaire overnight.

That I started the table with N5000 does not mean that's the minimum amount of credit coin you can buy. You can buy credit coin with as low as N100 (One Hundred Naira), but how much ROI can you possibly get from such amount.  That's the reason I started the table with N5000 which is reasonable enough.

The Credit coin project is opened to you anywhere you are in the world, as long as you have access to the internet. For that reason, I will now do another tabular analysis, using dollar (USD) as my base currency, for the international readers.

And like I stated earlier, when the article was written, Credit coin was trading between $0.00000450 and $0.000005. My analysis below is based on the lower limit ($0.0000045)

Your Investment $100 $200 $500 $1000
Number of Credit coins 22,222,222 44,444,444 111,111,111 222,222,222
Credit coin mined per day 60,883 121,766 304,414 608,828
Monthly ROI: current price ($) $8 $16 $41$82
Yearly ROI: current price ($) $99 $197 $493 $986
Monthly ROI: projected price ($0.01) $1,826 $36,530 $91,324 $182,648
Yearly ROI: projected price ($0.01) $21,918 $438,358 $1,095,890 $2,191,781

Credit coin price will not remain this low for a long time. And the 100% mining reward will be drastically reduced very soon, so the best time to invest is now.

Step by Step Guide to Register and 'KYC' on Terrabit

Step 1: Pre-Registration

Head over to Terrabit, and you should see the home page as shown in the screenshot below.

Guide to creating and verifying account on Terrabit exchange

Click the horizontal bars at the top right-hand corner of the page as shown in the image above, and that should reveal the "Register" link as shown in the image below.

The registration link is as shown in the image above. Just click it and you should be taken to where you can input your data for registration, as shown in the image below.

Enter your first name and your last name in the first boxes. Note; the name you use must be the same name in your bank account. So, make sure you enter your real information, as you have them on your bank account. This is because, if the information is different, you won't be able to withdraw your earnings from Terrabit.

Next, enter a valid email address. A link will be sent to your email for verification, so make sure you enter a valid email address. Then enter a username, the one you can remember. The username could be your nickname or any name of choice. It should be a single name, no space in between.

Enter a password, the one you can remember, in the two boxes as shown in the image above. Choose a password that other people cannot easily guess, and type it in the two boxes. It should be alphanumeric (i.e. a combination of letters and number), and possibly with special characters (e.g. @, #, $, etc.) for better security of your account.

The next thing in line is to set a pin (a security pin), like the one you use for your ATM transactions. You need such a pin for any transactions on Terrabit, so set it up here. This is to prevent others from transferring your funds, even if your account is compromised.

After the pin comes the "Referral code".  You need a referral code to be able to register on Terrabit. If you want to thank me for giving you this information free of charge, I want to beg you to use my referral code (383CAWipZWK), or simply click this link, and the code should be there by default.

After that comes the "Anti-robot" check. Once you click on it, it should pop up something like the one shown in the image below. The essence of it is to prevent bot from accessing the website.

Once the pop up comes up, read the instructions on it to know which images to click. The screenshot above is for illustration purposes only, your own may not be crosswalks as shown above. It could be anything else, so read the instructions first.

After passing the anti-robot check, click the checkbox next in line to agree to Terrabit Terms and Conditions before clicking the "Register" button. If you did everything correctly you should get a notification as shown below.

This takes me to the next step - email verification.

Step2: Email Verification

Like I stated earlier if you had followed the instructions and did everything correctly, you should get a notification as shown in the image above. So, log into your email account and you should see a mail from Terrabit, as shown in the screenshot below.

how to do email verification on Terrabit

Click the mail to open it and you should see what looks like the image below.

From the image above you could see a blue button where I highlighted with a lemon coloured box above. Just click the link and your account should be verified and you should get a notification as shown below. That's the first step of verification, you still need to do document verification i.e. KYC.

And that takes me to the next step - KYC Verification

Step 3: KYC (Know Your Customer)

For those of you who don’t know what KYC stands for, it simply means Know Your Customer. As a significant element in the fight against financial crime and money laundering, customer identification is the most critical aspect and it is the very first step to perform in most exchanges today. As you might have already known, crypto transactions are anonymous, so to prevent the risk of financial crimes, KYC is a must in most exchanges, Terrabit is not an exception. So, to perform KYC, let's follow the instructions below.

Since your account is already email verified you can now log in. So enter your username or email and login to your Terrabit account and you should see a dashboard that looks like the image below. 

Read the instructions on the pop-up and then click the "X" button to have full access to your dashboard, as shown in the image below.

On the top left corner of the page, you should see your name with a drop-down arrow, as can be seen in the image above. Click the drop-down arrow to reveal a link to where you can do KYC, as shown in the image below.

Once you click the link as shown in the image above, you should be taken to a page that looks like the image below. As you can see from the image, you can do KYC on Terrabit with any of the following documents:

  • National ID Card
  • International Passport
  • Driving Licence

If you don't have any of the above, then this opportunity is not for you. But you should try everything possible to get one. To the Nigerian readers, it's easy to get a National ID Card. Just go to any location in your area where they do Pre-registration of National ID card. The printout they will give you after pre-registration can be used for KYC on any exchange.

For those who already have, let's continue with the tutorial.

Click on the means of identification you have, based on the image above, and you should be taken to the next page as shown below.

how to perform KYC on Terrabit

As you can see from the image above, you need to upload both the front and back of your ID. So, make sure you have a good snapshot or scanned copy of your document, both front and back, and upload them accordingly. You can't upload a document that's more than 2MB, so make sure you are uploading an image that's less than that. If you are having issues uploading the image, use any image editing software to reduce the size. Simple cropping of the image can reduce the size in terms of megabytes too.

If you have done everything correctly and uploaded the documents successfully, your account will be verified in a few hours. Once you are verified, an email will be sent to you notifying you of successful account verification. 

Note: KYC is required for those who want to perform fiat transactions only. If you want to perform crypto transactions, no need for KYC.

Now that your account is verified, the next thing to do is to deposit money into your account and buy credit for mining. That leads me to the next subheading - how to deposit Naira on Terrabit.

How to Deposit Naira on Terrabit

Login to the account you just created. Make sure you are on the dashboard (your dashboard). If you are not, you can click the Terrabit logo from any page you are, and it will take you to your dashboard. 

As you can see in the image above, click the horizontal bars on the top right-hand corner of the page to reveal the User Control link, as shown in the image below. It is that link you can use to manage your account on Terrabit. 

As can be seen from the image above,  click the "User Control" link to reveal Wallets Link, as shown in the image below. 

Click the Wallets link, as seen in the image above, to reveal more options, as seen in the image below. One of the options under the "Wallets" link is "My Wallets", as shown in the image below.

Click the "My Wallets" link. That will reveal all the functional wallets, that you can make a deposit on Terrabit. There are quite many, and unfortunately, the Naira Wallet link is neither on the first nor on the second page. To save you time, you should use the "Search Button", as illustrated in the image below.

Study the illustration on the image above to learn how to search for the Naira deposit wallet. Just type NGN in the search bar and hit the search button. That should bring up the Naira wallet as shown in the image below.

As illustrated in the image above, click the drop-down arrow beside the gear icon to reveal more options. That should give you something like the image below.

As can be seen in the image above, there's an option "Deposit". Just click it to reveal something that looks like the image below.

I believe the image above is self-explanatory enough. There are two methods you can deposit Naira on Terrabit, at the time of writing this article. You can make a deposit either through Paystack or through Bank Transfer. Since Paystack is instant, I'd recommend it.

To be able to use Bank Transfer, you must first attach your bank details to Terrabit. Apart from that, the deposit is not instant. You'd have to wait for an admin to verify your deposit before you can proceed further. So, I recommend you use Paystack.

Now that you have successfully made a deposit in your account, it is time to make a purchase. That leads me to my next sub-topic - how to buy credit coin on Terrabit.

 How to Buy CREDIT Coin on Terrabit

Again, make sure you are in your dashboard. If you are not, just click the Terra-bit logo (be sure you are logged in) and it should take you to your dashboard. I have illustrated that in the image below.

A guide on how to buy credit coin from Terra-bit

As you can see in the image above, there are several buttons, one of which is "Buy", that's my focus at this point. I will write about, 'What you can do with other buttons', in subsequent entries on this website. Just click the "Buy" button to reveal the next page as shown in the image below. The next page gives us the Buyable Wallets. By Buyable Wallets, they mean all the crypto coins or tokens that can be purchased on Terrabit (at the time of writing this article). Of course, we are buying credit coin so we will click Credit, as illustrated in the next image.

When you click CREDIT from the above image, it should show you the next page as shown in the image below.

The illustration on the image is self-explanatory enough, so follow it to make your purchase. After you have successfully purchased credit, the next thing is to transfer it to MiniPoS, where you can start mining the coin; and that leads me to the next subtopic.

How to Transfer CREDIT to MiniPoS and Enjoy 100% Mining Reward Annually

Again, login to your account and be sure you are on the dashboard. Remember the steps we followed to locate the My Wallets link, in the steps above for deposit. Follow the same steps to locate the "My Wallet" link and click it. As a reminder, this is the order:

From the horizontal bars at the top right hand of the page ==> User Control ==> Wallets ==> My Wallets. 

In the previous step, you searched for NGN, here you are going to search for CREDIT. Or you can simply click the checkbox on the top of the page, that reads "Hide Zero Balance". At this stage, you already have credit coins in your wallet, and probably some fractions of Naira left after your purchase. So, a click on that checkbox should hide every other wallet except that of CREDIT and Naira. The illustration is in the image below.

how to transfer credit coin from primary wallet to MiniPoS wallet

As you can see in the image above, we have several wallets. When we click the checkbox that reads "Hide zero balance", we get a page that looks like the image below, with only Credit and Naira Wallets.

Guide for transferring credit from primary wallet to MiniPoS

On the other hand, if the Credit Wallet is already listed on the first page, then no need for the step above. Just click the drop-down arrow next to the gear icon on the Credit Wallet link to reveal the "Transfer" link as illustrated in the image below.

If you click the gear icon as illustrated in the image above, it should reveal several options, one of which is 'Transfer', as shown in the image below.

A guide to transferring credit coin to MiniPoS

Click the Transfer link, and that should take you to the next page as shown in the image below.

Transferring credit from primary wallet to MiniPoS
I think the image above is self-explanatory enough, except where I mentioned fractions. You can't put those numbers after the decimal point. Look closely at those figures in the primary wallet, you'd notice that there are several numbers after the decimal point. You can't put those. Just type only the numbers before the decimal point. Using the image above as an example, the number to type is 14145.

Enter your security pin as directed in the image, and hit the "Transfer" button. You are now ready to earn mining rewards every hour from Terrabit. The next thing is to learn how to sell your mining rewards and withdraw your earning to your local bank account. That takes me to the next sub-topic - how to sell credit coin on Terrabit.

How to Sell Credit Coin in Terrabit 

Note that your mining reward is directly proportional to the number of coins in MiniPoS. If you don't have enough money to buy in millions (I mean millions of credit coins, not millions of Naira. However, if you have millions of Naira to invest, why not?), then I encourage you to compound your earnings instead of selling, i.e. you transfer your earnings to MiniPoS every now and then. Note, however, that the minimum credit you can transfer to MiniPoS is 10,000 (Ten Thousand).

Notwithstanding, if by any means you want to sell your earnings, these are the steps to follow:   

Again, remember the steps you followed to buy the coin. That is, from your dashboard, you clicked on the buy button, then you selected credit. In this case, instead of clicking the "Buy" button, you should click the "Sell" button as illustrated in the image below.

Guide for selling credit coin on Terrabit exchange

A click on the "Sell button" should reveal something that looks like the image below:

When you click the Credit link as illustrated in the image above, you should be taken to a page that looks like the image below.

Guide for selling credit coin

I believe the image above is self-explanatory, except here it talks about base currency. There are 6 currencies you can exchange credit coin into, at the time of writing this article. They are:

  • ETH (Ethereum) 
  • ZAR (South African Rand) 
  • NGN (Nigerian Naira) 
  • USDT (the digital equivalent of US Dollars) 
  • USD (the US Dollar itself), and 
  • COP (Colombian Peso)

Of course, our focus here (for Nigerian readers), is Naira; so select NGN. Enter the amount you want to sell, enter your security pin, and finally hit the "Sell Now" button. The sell order is processed instantly and your Naira available in your Naira Wallet immediately. The next step is to withdraw it to your Nigerian bank account so you can enjoy the reward for your investment. That takes me to the next, and the last topic of this article - how to withdraw.

How to Withdraw your Naira Earned from Terrabit Exchange

As usual, locate your Naira Wallet i.e. From the horizontal bars on the top right hand of the page ==> User Control ==> Wallets ==> My Wallets. You should be taken to a page that looks like the image below.

A withdrawal guide for Naira

As usual, click the drop-down arrow beside the gear icon to reveal more options as shown below.

Click the "Withdrawal" link to be taken to a page that looks like the screenshot below.

As you can see in the image above, the first option is the "Select payment method". There are two steps listed, one is Paystack, and the other is Bank. At the time of writing this, you can withdraw through Paystack only so select it. When you select it another box will come up with a list of various allowable banks. Scroll through the list and choose your bank.

The next box is the Amount box. Type the amount you wish to withdraw. Remember you cannot withdraw more than N20,000, so be sure you don't type more than that.

After that comes the pin, ensure you type a correct pin. Next check the box that reads "Withdrawal policy". After that comes the anti-robot check. Click to verify you are not a bot. After that hit the "Withdrawal Balance" button. If you did it correctly, you should be greeted with a message that looks like the one on the image below.   

Terrabit withdrawal method

Video Testimonials of Others Who Have Been Making Money Online With Terrabit

Watch what Bangladesh people have to say about the Terra Credit project in the video below. This is a project that is transforming the lives of ordinary people, don't be left behind.

And watch what this Nigerian man has to say about his Naira Withdrawal from Terrabit. This is an opportunity you should not afford to miss.

This brings me to the end of this tutorial on how I have been making money online, around the clock (even when I'm sleeping). If you want to make money with ease like me, the best time to join is now, because procrastination is a thief of time. Also, the price of Credit coin is still very low, very soon when more people come to know about this good project, the price will skyrocket. So, join us now. Click here to register on Terrabit.

Good Luck

PPS: Don't have money to invest? You can grab this opportunity to earn free Credit coin now. This is a limited-time opportunity so hurry up.

Get $11 and More Free with TerraCredit Airdrop and Bounty

TerraCredit is currently running an airdrop and bounty campaign. The essence of the airdrop is to create awareness for Credit 2.0. At the time of writing this article, particularly all the information you have read above talks above Credit 1.0. Comes August 1st, Credit 1.0 will be swapped to Credit 2.0, i.e. a new blockchain with better features and huge potential gains for investors.

You don't need to do any serious work to get the $11. The tasks are very simple, as listed below:

  • Join their telegram group
  • Join their telegram channel
  • Register an account on Terrabit website
  • Register an account on the Terrabit app
  • Follow their Twitter account and retweet the pin post
  • Follow their Facebook page 
  • Subscribe to their YouTube Channel, like and share a video
  • Subscribe to their advertiser YouTube Channel, like and share a video
  • Join their advertiser telegram channel
  • Follow their advertiser Twitter account and retweet the post above this aidrop

Once you've done all the steps above, submit your details and wait for your free $11. The distribution will be done after the swap on August 1. To join the airdrop, click this registration link.

Note: The link above will open in a telegram bot, so you need to have telegram on your device. 

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