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This Water Pump Won't Stop Pumping Money!

Illustration of how to make money with Terra Credit project on Terra-bit exchange
Do you know that a water pump can teach you about life & making money? I never imagined that the lesson will be so profound, until I completely read what's written below... and if you apply this to your business, you'll be transformed, so keep reading!

In the game of life, before you can get anything out you must put something in. Unfortunately, there are many people who stand in front of the stove of life and say, “Stove, give me some heat, and then I’ll put some wood in you.” This reminds me of a friend who told me to show him how I make money on the internet. I show him one of my easiest ways, which requires him to invest a meager sum of money. I decided to show him this particular one (Investing in Terra Credit Project) because other means through which I earn online requires technical knowledge, of which he does not have such knowledge.

It's over 6 months I showed him, but till this moment he's yet to get involved but he spends money on drinking alcohol on a daily basis. You see, some people can never be rich not because nature destined them to be poor but because they are not willing to do anything that will make them rich.

Many times the secretary comes to the boss and says, “Give me a raise and then I’ll start doing better work and being more conscientious.”

That's not how it works...and a water pump can show us how & why...

Let's say if you want the water pump to give you a continuous stream of freshwater... As all pumpers know, you must put a little water in the top of the pump to “prime” the pump and get the flow of water started...

In any endeavor in life, work, school, or other circles, you need to put in something first (investing your money or time, in the case of Terra Credit Crypto Investment/Trading Platform --- Terrabit) before you can get anything out. Contribute your fair share of effort, invest time, energy, and money – especially during the initial stages. This priming process is needed long before you can expect any reward.

Like my friend I mentioned above, you may say you don't have money to invest. Well, I want to shock you here. You don't necessarily need to invest money in Terra-bit to make money from it. What you need to do in this case is to register a free account and put your referral link to work. Before I'll give the details on this, let's continue with our lesson on the water pump.

To get any result from the water pump you don't stop at the stage of priming. You’ve got to sweat at it and pump away for some time before expecting the water to flow. This means putting in enough hard work pumping away until the water comes all the way up to the top.

If you stop the hard work, all the water that was coming up to the top, will stop and go back down again. On the other hand, if you pump the water harder enough, it now comes to the surface....and it keeps flowing & flowing & flowing!

Friend, guess what, with Terra-bit, you don't have to pump as much hard before you see the result, just a few easy pumps, once in a while will do... thanks to their generational referral system. This is where all your efforts of referring people, and earning from their investment will pay off... and you'll be able to touch it and feel it, I mean you'll be able to withdraw your earning even though you didn't invest any money.

Bitcoin started with a value as low as $0.008, and now it's over $9000. Similarly, at the time of writing this article, Terra Credit is trading at $0.000013 and will be swapped to Terra Credit 2.0 comes first of August, in the ratio of 1000:1. This will reduce the circulating supply by a factor of 1000 and the current price will be consequently multiplied by 1000, bringing the price to $0.013 and there will be a massive upswing from here because Credit 2.0 will be very scarce in supply.

Imagine your bank account when 1 Terra Credit hits $1000. And this is very much possible with the massive ongoing development of their ecosystem. If you're serious about creating a lifestyle which others

can only dream about, you need to get involved in this platform right away. At the time of writing this, you can get as many millions of Credit 1.0 with a small amount of money. When the Credit 1.0 is swapped comes August, you'd be smiling to the bank every day.

I've written a Detailed Step by Step Guide on Terra Credit and Terra-bit, but for the sake of this post, and to save your time, permit me to do a summary here:

So, What is Terra Credit?

Terra Credit - - Your Alternative to Cash

Terra has designed CREDIT to provide free and fast Blockchain-based payments with the flexibility to improve and adapt to an ever-changing Financial and Crypto environment. CREDIT ticks all the boxes as a cryptocurrency and offers a decentralized digital payment solution to the world's unbanked adult population. Its core function is to be a medium of exchange to facilitate digital transactions.

CREDIT employs Proof of Stake (POS) which allows any user to become a block producer. Block producers support the network and get rewarded with new coins for doing so. Take a look at some of its features:

  • Smarter technology 
  • Can be used with a wide range of wallets 
  • Instantly transferable between accounts 
  • Facilitates online and physical payments 
  • Zero transaction fees

Now you don't need to be special anymore to earn money. You just need a smartphone to start a legitimate passive income for doing nothing. Just hold your credit coin in your MiniPOS wallet and the rest will happen automatically.

  • Introduce your friends and earn a bonus every hour on 5 levels
  • No locked period so you have instant access to your funds
  • The more Credit balance you have the more you will earn.

How to Get Started

Register an account on Terra-bit, complete your KYC to secure your account, make a fiat deposit by bank or credit card, buy CREDIT coin, and transfer to MiniPOS, sell your profits for fiats like NGN and ZAR and withdraw to your bank account instantly.

The MiniPoS

Your Safe and Secure Digital Staking Wallet

MiniPOS is a web-based CREDIT staking wallet allowing CREDIT holders to make hourly passive income through a user-friendly interface. It improves the ability to earn through block production and replaces the need for a CPU-based device. Its features:

  • Automatically mines credit on any device 
  • 100% profit per year 
  • Introduce your friends and earn
  • Mining profits and referral bonuses paid hourly
Like I stated earlier, this is just the summary of Terra Credit and Credit Coin. If you want detailed information, you can check the previous article, a Detailed Step by Step Guide on How You Can Make Money from Credit Coin Mining Credit on Terra-bit Exchange.

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Join the TerraCredit Airdrop and get $11 and more for doing simple tasks. The tasks are very simple. You are only required to join their social media platforms, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Subscribe to their YouTube Channel, Follow the Social Media Platforms of the Airdrop Promoter (Bounty Detective) and get $11. These tasks won't take you more than 5 minutes to complete, and you'd earn yourself $11.

You can earn additional $1.5 for every valid referral you get. There's no easy way to make money online than this. So what are you still waiting for?  To participate, click this registration link.

Note: You need to have telegram on your device before you can participate in this airdrop. The link above will open in the telegram app, so if you don't already have the telegram app on your device, first of all install it. On the other hand, if you don't have telegram, once you click the link above, it will prompt you to install telegram.

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