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Why You Should Choose Cat.Ex Over Other Exchanges

Catex exchange, the best cryptocurrency exchange

In my journey in the crypto space, I've personally used several exchanges and in all I can boldly state that Catex stands out of all of them. There are several reasons why I prefer it to other exchanges and you'd discover those reasons in this article. But before I go into the details of the features that made me prefer it to other exchanges, let me give a general overview of the exchange.

General Overview of Catex Exchange

According to the information I got from their whitepaper, Cat.Ex was created because of the early success of transaction-mining exchanges. Many mining exchanges have seen tremendous success in the crypto space, others cannot stand the test of time and have come and gone. Cat.Ex is one of the transaction mining and profit sharing exchanges out there. It is however, quite different from other profit-sharing exchanges.

Cat.Ex is different from others in the sense that it gives daily dividends to its local exchange token holders (at the time of writing this article). Their transaction fees are consistent with other exchanges at a rate of 0.1% per transaction. However, they have a partnership with Tron Foundation and their Tron market has zero fees for all transactions.

 This is how their transaction mining system works: a trader who trades the mining pair is producing a transaction fee on a mining pair. This transaction fee (up to 105%) is returned back to him in Catt token. I will give details of this later in this article.

 Cat.Ex is not as centralized as other popular exchanges because the community has a`major input into how the exchange develops. There is often a community vote via their telegram group or twitter account where users chime in on how they think the exchange should handle an issue. Within the first year of operation, they have grown to over 30,000 members and over $5 million daily transaction volume (at the time of writing this), as can be seen on the image below. They are also ranking consistently top 30 on Coinmarketcap.
The top ranking cryptocurrency exchange - Cat.Ex

Currently, they are developing many new features for investors to enjoy. Some of the features they already have are:

  • 30% discount on trading fees for Catex token lockers
  • Crypto dice game, dice game referral system
  • Trading referral system
  • Catex token locking dividend system
  • Zero fee withdrawal system
  • Buyback account that is responsible for buying Catex tokens from the market
  • Regular Catex token burns to reduce the total and circulating supply by 80%
  • Airdrops for Catex token holders (my favorite feature); and a 
  • Voting system for projects to get listed onto the exchange. 

All the aforementioned features are developed to the benefit of the investors who invested in Catt token (the native token of Cat.Ex exchange. Let me take the features one after the other and give the details of each one.

Cat.Ex Features and the Benefits for the Investors

Daily Dividends for Cat.Ex Token Lockers 

The locking system was created to reward the Cat.Ex investors with daily dividends from the platform and to create a stable price in the market. The length of locking has many options for the investors with different profit levels shared by the exchange.The details are below:

  • Lock for 7 days gets 50% level 
  • Lock for 15 days gets 60% level 
  • Lock for 30 days gets 70% level 
  • Lock for 45 days gets 80% level 
  • Lock for 60 days gets 90% level 
  • No lock gets no dividend.

30% Discount Trading System for Cat.Ex Token Lockers 

As earlier stated, CATT is the native token of Cat.Ex exchange. Investor who buys the token can choose to lock it for a period of time. By locking it means you cannot have access to it until the locking period elapses. One can lock for 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 45 days or 60 days. The longer the number of days you lock the better benefits you enjoy.

Zero Withdrawal Fee System for Catt Holders

Depending on the amount of Catt you hold hold, you can receive up to 100% fee reduction when you request a withdrawal of your assets. This is very important for investors who like to cash out their dividends each day, you can save money!

The locked Catex tokens are eligible to pay for transactions fees. Any investor who has locked CATT tokens, and such an investor executes a trade, he will receive 30% reduced fee. Buying and locking Catex tokens is the only way for a user to participate in the profit-sharing program and also to be eligible for the withdrawal fee reduction system. If you have been trading on other exchanges, you should be aware that the fees are costly on other cryptocurrency exchanges; however, CATT holders can enjoy reduced withdrawal fee even up to zero, depending on the amount of token locked by the user.

Starting from June 24th, 2019, Catex Token lockers are eligible to receive 30% discount on all
non-mining pairs when they use CATT to pay the transaction fee. (The 50% trading referral commission mentioned earlier only incurs in non-mining pairs and trades that INCLUDE CATT payment as fees also).

Airdrops for Cat.Ex Token Lockers

As part of their listing campaign, they ask all newly listed projects for a quantity of their supply to airdrop to the Catt investors (those who have bought and locked Catt tokens). The airdrop is normally distributed proportional to the amount of token held by each person, therefore the more CATT you hold, the more airdrop you will receive.

Only Catex token holders or lockers are eligible to receive the airdrops. The airdrop rules are changed consistently. Sometimes the amount of airdrop received depends on how much you hold. Other times it is on an average amount compared to the number of holders.

I joined them just a couple of months back and I've already received some good airdrops. And I can confidently say that this is the most reliable way of participating in airdrops, considering the fact that most crypto projects out there are outright scams. I participated in a lot of airdrops and bounties in the past, I have a lot of tokens in my wallet that are now totally worthless because the projects were either scams from the onset or could not continue due to one reason or the other.

So, if you want most reliable airdrops that you can actually earn money from, I recommend you join Cat.Ex exchange, buy some Catt tokens and lock for a certain number of days. The token is very cheap now, so you can fill up your back as much as you can.

Cat.Ex Dice Game and the Dice Game Referral System 

There is a Dice Game platform on Cat.Ex exchange where users can win up to 15.04x return every minute. Bets can be placed on either BTC, ETH, USDT or CATT. The dice game also has a referral system where users can invite new players and earn 0.5% on all bets, no matter win or lose.

Trading Referral System 

In all non-mining markets, users will get 50% commission for every valid referral who trades on Cat.Ex exchange. You can find your referral link in your profile setting after you login.

Catt Buyback Account

The Catex team manages a buyback account. The revenue from this account comes; dice game earnings, Catt profits; some transaction fees; 60% of IEO listing fees; and the tokens used in the coin voting competition.

Catt Pairing with Fiat Currency through Tellus-Pay (Terra Foundation) Partnership 

I have written a detailed article about Tellus-Pay, a revolutionary payment app in my previous entry. Catex Exchange has officially partnered with Tellus App. Tellus App was released on October, 2019 by the Terra Foundation. You can learn more about it from the link above.

Tellus App is a global payment system with many features

  • Users are able to send cryptocurrency and fiat to others very easily with the Tellus ID system
  • Users can reload their wallets with vouchers or by easily depositing fiat
  • Users will have access to the exchange where they can receive and send digital currency or fiat
  • Thousands (if not millions) merchants and individual users have already signed up to use Tellus app
  • Users can earn money by using it (as it also functions as a miner for CREDIT - the native coin of Terra Foundation).

Catex token is one of the official currency on the Tellus App. This means catex token is easily sent and received as payment and is paired with fiat on Tellus-Pay app.

Note: Tellus app only uses BTC, ETH, LTC, CREDIT, CATEX, and other global fiat currencies.

In conclusion, Cat.Ex exchange is one of the top exchange out there with a hosts of benefits for Catt investors and traders alike. The Catt token is a sleeping giant as the price is quite low (at the time of writing this). So, I encourage you to sign up for the exchange right away, fill up your bag with as much tokens you can afford and enjoy the many benefits of being on the Cat.Ex exchange.

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