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Crypto Investment Tips and Two Crypto Coins You Should Add to Your Crypto Asset

Best cryptocurrency investment of 2020
I missed Bitcoin,Etherum, Dash, Zcash, Litecoin, Monero and Binance coin even though I have been doing online business when they came out. As a matter of fact, I was introduced to bitcoin for the first time back in the year 2012, at that time bitcoin was still less than a dollar or so, but because I don't really know what it was then, I ignore the opportunity. Till today, I still regret for not taking action back then.

But my love for crypto started when I read about crypto millionaires in 2018 June, I discovered a lot of things that shocked me, the massive wealth opportunities that exist in the crypto space. Had it been I took step when I was introduced to it back in 2012, I would have been a multi billionaire by now, but unfortunately, I missed it.

To start with, crypto business is a blessing for our generation, it is the only fastest way to become super rich in no distant time. Investing in a good coin like CREDIT or CATT can make one rich in a short period of about 6 months to 2 years, depending on one's holdings. There are coins that increased in less than a year, it all depends on the CEO knowledge of crypto business, the team behind the project, and the value the coin creates in crypto space - i.e. the use cases of the coin. The good news is Terra CREDIT has got it all.

One of the ways to do crypto business is to invest in a good coin  and patiently wait for the price to increase and see how your financial status changes fast once that happens. There is nothing like mlm (multi level marketing or networking) crypto business, like this scam sites bitworld, cryptoworld, bitclub, maktub, onecoin. They are all scam, there is nothing like networking in crypto where you have different registration levels,car awards, housing allowance and travel tickets. All of that are nothing but ponzi schemes designed to rip you of your hard earned money. If you are looking for get rich quick crypto platforms, you'd always fall for such crappy business deals.

The earlier you stopped those get rich quick schemes and scams, the better for you. The real crypto business is to get a good coin, invest and patiently wait for the price to increase and change your financial status. Another way is to do daily trading if you have enough capital. This is done by taking advantage of the price volatility of crypto, the price fluctuate from time to time on a daily basis, Savvy crypto traders have taken advantage of this price fluctuation buying a coin when the price is down and set it to sell when the price is up by a certain percentage. This can happen several times within a day.

To do daily trade, you need a tangible capital. To start with, you look for a good coin that has huge trade volume on a daily basis and whose price fluctuates from time to time. BTC and ETH are a good example. Once you've got a coin of interest, study it price changes over a period of time, you can do that through coinmarketcap.com. Locate any exchange of choice (I suggest catex - they have reduced or even zero withdrawal fee for those who hold their native token, CATT), register, fund your account and start trading. For those who are totally new to crypto business, I will give details of how you can do all of these in subsequent posts.

So, in summary, to be a crypto millionaire, you either do daily trading or buy a good coin and hold until the price rises to a significant amount that you can sell and take a good profit. Note that a good coin is determined by the problem it's solving in the crypto space. This information is always found in the white paper. The price of a good coin is determined by the value it creates in crypto space through its products, and its acceptance by crypto community through mass adoption. The CEO also has a big role to play especially if he knows crypto business very well.

The Two Crypto You Should Add to You Asset

I have already mentioned them in the foregoing paragraph - CATT and CREDIT.

Note: This is in no way an investment advice but just a suggestion based on my own research. In any crypto investment always remember to DYOR (an acronym that stands for "Do Your Own Research"). If you need investment advice, you do well to contact a professional, I'm not one.

What Makes CATT and CREDIT Good Crypto Assets?

Permit me to start with CATT. CATT is the native token of Catex exchange, one of the leading cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform. At the time of writing this, Catex exchange ranks among the top 10 crypto exchange by trade volume. The very day this article was written, Catex even ranked higher than Binance on that day by 24 hours trade volume. So, if there is any exchange token you should consider adding to your portfolio, it should be such a popular exchange.

Apart from being popular, there are many benefits that accrue to CATT investors.

Catex Features and Benefits for Holding CATT Token

CATT Lockers Receive Daily Dividends  

The locking system was created to reward the Catex investors with daily dividends from the platform and to create a stable price in the market. The length of locking has many options for the investors with different profit levels shared by the exchange.The details are below:

  • Lock for 7 days gets 50% level 
  • Lock for 15 days gets 60% level 
  • Lock for 30 days gets 70% level 
  • Lock for 45 days gets 80% level 
  • Lock for 60 days gets 90% level 
  • No lock, no dividend.

All of the dividends come from the mining pairs, so dividends are paid out daily in BTC, ETH, USDT, PAX and TUSD. At the time of writing this article the mining pairs are:


When you complete a transaction in any of the above pairs, the fee you pay will go to the exchange to distribute to CATT token lockers, in return you will receive 105% bonus on your transaction fee in Catex tokens.

I know of some accounts on Catex that are earning as much as $40 per day from this daily dividends alone. How much you earn depends on how much tokens you lock and the length of days you lock it. Even, if it's $1 you can earn in a day, without doing anything, this is a good passive way of making money. So, join Catex right away, buy some CATT tokens and lock for 60 days. At the time of writing this article, the token is still far below $1, precisely, $0.00065, meaning it's very affordable to any class of people. With just $65 you can get as much as 100,000 tokens.

Remember, the more you lock the more you earn from the Daily Dividends feature. So, it's better if you can buy in millions. 1 million will give you about $1 per day at the time of writing this article. As the price of the token increases so also the dividends. And once your locking period expires, you can decide to sell your tokens at a good profit or re-lock it and wait for the price to appreciate more, so, it's a win-win thing.

Apart from this regular Catt locking feature, they just introduced wonderful locking feature called the Catt Super Locking for investor. In this locking feature, investors who qualify can earn a share of the exchange profit for as high as 18%. Let me quickly go through the details of the Super Locking feature.

Catt Super Locking Feature - Earn as High as 18% Annually

Periodic Airdrops for CATT Holders 

This is another feature that I love so much about Catex, a passive way of making money from reliable crypto airdrops. If you know what airdrop is and you have participated in some before, you should know that not all crypto airdrops are legit. Most of them scams. So, if you want airdrop that the token is already trading, Catex is the place to be. You must hold CATT to be eligible for airdrops.

As part of Catex listing campaign, they ask most newly listed projects for a quantity of their supply to airdrop to CATT investors. The airdrop is normally distributed proportional, therefore the more CATT you hold, the more airdrop you will receive.

30% Trading Fee Discount for Catex Token Lockers 

Locked Catex tokens are now eligible to pay for transactions fees. This does not mean they will remove your CATT token as transaction fee, you enjoy the discount just for locking your tokens. If you have locked CATT tokens, and you execute a trade, then you will get 30% reduced fee.

Earn 105% Bonus on Your Transaction via Transaction Mining

Catex Exchange is partially a transaction-mining exchange (which means you earn CATT token rewards for trading). This reward is 105% bonus of the transaction fee you pay any time you execute a trade on the exchange (which then is distributed to the CATT token investors in the form of daily dividends).

Steps in Earning from the Transaction Mining Feature:
1:  Your mining ability comes from the amount of CATT tokens you are currently holding. You cannot start mining if your holdings are zero. Right now there is an individual mining restriction of only 5,000 CATT token per hour.  (Your mining ability is calculated as this; your holdings * 0.1)

2: To earn CATT from mining you must trade the mining pairs. The current mining pairs on Catex are:


Note: When you complete a transaction , the fee you pay will go to the exchange to distribute to the CATT token lockers, in return you will receive 105% bonus on your transaction fee in Catex tokens. You can check your mining details after you login on your index page

CATT Holders Enjoy Zero Withdrawal Fees 

Depending on the amount of Catt you hold hold, you can receive up to 100% fee reduction when you withdrawal your assets. This is very important for investors who like to cash out their dividends each day, you can save money!

Enjoy Dice Game on Catex Exchange

Catex exchange offer a dice game platform. Users can win up to 15.04x return every minute. Place your bets with BTC, ETH, USDT or CATT. There is also a dice game referral system where you earn 0.5% on all bets, no matter win or lose.

Trading Referral System

No doubt, every crypto exchange platform has a referral program, but their referral commissions vary. Some are nothing to write home about. That's not the case with Catex exchange. In Catex, users will get 50% commission in all non-mining markets if they refer someone to trade. You can find your referral link in your profile setting after you login.

Premium CATT Locking Event

In this Premium (Super) CATT Locking Event, participants can earn as much as 18% interest annually. The first round of the event started in November and will run until further notice. So, the best time to participate is now, as the opportunity may not be available for a long time.

Below is the detail of the Super CATT Locking Event:

1. The top 10 lockers for each month of the promo will get 1.5% interest each
2. The top 11-20 lockers for each month of the promo will get 1% interest each
3. The top 21-30 lockers for each month of the promo will get 0.5% interest each

In order to qualify the following rules must be adhered to:

  • Ranking are calculated as your total CATT token locked for minimum 60 days. At the snapshot at the end of the month, all Catex token lockers over the minimum 60 day lock period (both old and new investors) will qualify
  • To qualify for the event, users must lock minimum 100,000 CATT 
  • The first snapshot was taken on December 12th, at 10:00 AM UTC and the next one will be January 12th, at 10:00 AM UTC 
  • Interest will be paid within 1-2 days of the snapshot (That means for that of December and January, the interest will be paid on Dec 14th and Jan 14th respectively)
  • You can check your live ranking in your index page after you login.

CATT Buyback Account and Periodic Burns

The Catex team manages a buyback account which also receives daily dividends like every other investor on Catex. The revenue from this account comes from daily dividends, dice game CATT profits; some transaction fees; 60% of IEO listing fees; and the CATT tokens used in the coin voting competition.

The CATT accumulated in the Buyback Account are burnt at least once in a month. The essence of burning is to reduce the total circulating supply. The lesser the circulating supply, the lesser the price.

CATT Pairing with Fiat Currency through Terra  Foundation Partnership

Terra Foundation, the creator of CREDIT, the crypto coin I mentioned earlier, maintains a revolutionary payment processor, Tellus-Pay. Catex Exchange has officially partnered with Tellus App. Tellus App is a global payment system with many features such as:

  • Users are able to send cryptocurrency and fiat to others very easily with the Tellus ID system 
  • Users can reload their wallets with vouchers or by easily depositing fiat 
  • Users will have access to the exchange where they can receive and send digital currency or fiat 
  • Over 20 merchants have already signed up to use Tellus app 
  • Users will be able to earn CREDIT through staking.

Catex token is one of the official token listed on the Tellus App. This means catex token is easily sent and received as payment and is paired with fiat.

Note: Tellus app only uses BTC, ETH, LTC, CREDIT, CATEX, and other global fiat currencies

These and many up coming features are the reasons why you should sign up on Catex exchange, invest in their CATT token to enjoy daily dividends, periodic airdrops and reduced transaction and withdrawal fees. To invest in CATT, sign up here.

What Makes CREDIT a Good Coin to Invest In

1. The Use Case

Terra Foundation the creator of CREDIT has developed many working products all targeted at CREDIT as the main focus, i.e. the currency that runs the products. The Minimum Viable Products at the time of writing this article are:

TerraceX: A unique crypto trading platform with 0.01% trading fees and 100% referral commissions on trades. The native coin of the exchange is, of course, CREDIT.

MiniPOS: A part of TerraceX that serves as a mining platform for CREDIT. Credit coin is a Proof of Stake coin, meaning when you hold it in your MiniPOS wallet, you'd earn 100% interest annually. This is the best part of credit coin. With this feature, you don't necessarily need to worry about the price of the coin. You are guaranteed to earn interest on your money with the staking reward, even if the price of the coin stays the same.

Terra-Mart: This is an e-commerce platform that sells different range of products. The primary currency acceptable on the platform is CREDIT.

Tellus-Pay: A revolutionary payment app for the world unbanked population. You can read more about Tellus-Pay here.

Terra-hub: This is a social media platform where users earn rewards for completing simple tasks and networking/socializing with other users.

Different wallets for different devices: Credit coin has Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi supported wallet addresses.

Terra-Dax: This product when launched, users will be able to access all crypto exchange of their choice from one platform. At the time of writing this, the product is still under development.

Note: The project is only one year old at the time of writing this, and yet they have developed all these functional products in such a short period of time. The best part is that they never had any ICO or IEO, they never raised any money from any means to develop these products. They developed all the products without using a penny of raised funds.

2. The Team behind the Project

If you are new to crypto space, one of the things you should consider when investing in any crypto related project, is the team behind the project. The success of a project depends largely on the team behind it.

For CREDIT, I will give the team an A+ For them to develop all these functional products without any raised funds from ICO or IEO, that shows how serious the team is.

3. The Price Point to Buy

If you want to maximize profit in any crypto investment, the best time to buy is when the price is still very low. At the time of writing this, the price is around $0.000012, which means with just $12, you can buy over a million coins. The target price for 2020 is $0.001 which means your investment of about $12 would be worth over $1000.

Time will not permit me to go on and on, you can learn more from their website. To invest in CREDIT, sign up here.


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