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This Can Stop You From Making Enormous Crypto Wealth!

Making enormous wealth with crypto airdrops and bounty
Hey , we'll get to this one point with the help of a short story, which actually happened with me while going from one shop to the other in a fish market, I noticed a bucket, almost full of crabs (hmm...crabs on sale...I thought) and suddenly, I noticed that something was about to happen, which would have been really bad for the shop owner.

I called out the shop owner, and said "look, one of these crabs just rose to the top, and he's at the edge of bucket, almost about to fall out of the bucket", he said "don't worry...give it another minute", with a smile :)

And then, what I saw was one of the biggest life lessons which I learned through observation. While the crab tried to escape, the other crabs pulled it down. And that's when I realized, that the people in your life can make you break your life and success!

Because you're reading this article, I'm assuming that you have aspirations of making a lot of money by trading cryptocurrencies or by being a part of a big opportunity like Basic Income.

Bad news, you'll have to be extra careful of the people around you. Especially because not a lot of people are even aware of how crypto & blockchains function and that's why, there's a lot of noise- bad advise which you hear from people.

To help you with this, I've shared the 'Circle of Support' from Anik Singal (internet entrepreneur)'s book- called escapeE. 5% of the people in your life can be considered “True Fans.” They are truly committed to you no matter what you do. 10% of the people in your life are “Supportive.” They are the people who are closest to you. They might not believe in everything you want to do, and they may even think you’re crazy, but they’ll support you and try to help you however they can.

60% of the people in your life are “Neutral.” This is most of the people in our lives, and this isn’t a bad thing. 20% of the people in your life are likely “Negative.” These people are usually pretty close to you. Clearly, they won't know a thing about crypto or Basic Income, they can be vocally negative towards your “crazy” goals and dreams. They offer you caution, warnings and tell you all the things that could go wrong.

5% (MAX) of the people in your life are going to be “Toxic.” These are the people who are flat out trying to hurt you. These can be very damaging people in your life. If you're reading this article and you have signed up for Basic Income Network, it tells us that you've come this far with 'Basic Income'. This shows that you're amongst the very few people who are visionaries, like the Basic Income team. And that says something about you, and your great future!

Look, this is the most exciting time to be alive. Basic Income will radically shift how people look at cryptocurrencies and Basic Income is making this world a better place by solving one of the biggest problems in the world, i.e, poverty! In such a situation, you're at the right place at the right time, promoting basic income and earning tokens. Don't let anyone steal your dreams.

Eliminate all toxicity & negativity from your life! Keep working, keep hustling! And if you haven't signed up for Basic Income yet, you are missing out greatly. Why not join us right away. Sign up here.

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