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What A Frog Can Teach You about Basic Income Opportunity

Remember in one of our entries talking about the habits of billionaires, we pointed out that billionaires don't ignore the simplicity of an idea. I encourage you to do the same here, when you read the story of a frog who 'made it' while the other frog died.

This story, can inspire anyone to make it BIG, by acquiring basic income tokens. Here it goes..

Two frogs left the safety of their swamp one day and came into a nearby farm to explore. Soon they found themselves in a dairy, where they found a large milk bucket. Hopping into the bucket, they found it was half filled with fresh cream.

Bliss, they had never tasted something like this. Stomachs full, they now thought about leaving and that's when it hit them, it was easy to jump into the bucket, but they had no idea how to get out. Also, for a frog to jump, it needs a surface, to gain traction from but since they were floating, there was no surface. Buckets sides were slippery as well, no way out, they thought.

Observe something- this is where most people are in their lives, stuck, looking for a way out.

First frog said "there's no way out, we're doomed" second frog didn't lose hope, refused to give up, and started paddling, the first frog slowly gave up, sank..and died! The second frog refused to give up. He continued paddling in the same tiny circle, over and over, hoping against hope for a miracle.

An hour later, he was still paddling in his futile little circle. He no longer even knew why and then, ten minutes after that he felt something solid below his feet. Turns out - he had churned the milk into butter and he jumped out of the bucket. Freedom at last!

You see, a lot of people want to make money, grow wealth, be rich etc. But not a lot of people are long term players they'll do something for a few days, and then quit. Because the Basic Income team have all the statistics with them, and they can tell that some people gave up, they did not even't claim their 100/day tokens after a few days. These people are like the first frog.

But reading this I know you're different, you'll register (if you have not done so), keep pushing, keep paddling until you succeed. And in this case, keep gathering enough tokens to make you a lot of money when the 'Basic Income' shifts to a blockchain and Basic Income tokens become a cryptocurrency!

Frog's effort of paddling is like- you putting in the effort, continuous effort to gathering a lot of tokens! The butter which he got is all the money which you'll make......and his jump outside the bucket is like the freedom & confidence which you'll get when you trade these coins!

It's exciting! It'll work, if you work it! So, if you haven't joined us yet, now is the right time to do so. Follow this link and sign up now. Start promoting your link immediately as you will earn additional 500 tokens (equivalent of $500) for each referral that signs up with your affiliate link.

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