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Earn 1000 Tokens from Besteex Airdrop

Opportunity to make about $1000 free online
Dear readers Besteex is launching the first large-scale airdrop of ‎200 000 TEXcoins from their crypto stock exchange to support the activity and interest of their community in their project. T.exchange is truly unique and has a number of indisputable advantages, as a result, one can easily conduct transactions on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency on their crypto exchange and trading platform.

Each participant of the airdrop will carry out minor social media tasks ranging from liking a page, follow on twitter or other platforms, share, like and comment on a post, and so on. You can do as many tasks as you can. To earn more, it is recommended you do all the tasks. They are very easy tasks that even a 5-year-old child can perform.

The prize pool available for the airdrop will be distributed among all participants in proportion to the number of entries they will gain from their actions and the actions of their valid referrals. To increase your rewards, try to refer as many people as you can.

Also, all who will be in the top 50 of their draw will receive an additional 300 TEXcoins.

So, ‎‎200 000 TEXcoins will be distributed proportionally between all the members in terms of the number of entries received. Sign up right away, accumulate points by performing the tasks and referring others. You shouldn't joke with this, at the time of writing this, 1 TEX token is equivalent to $1. This is an opportunity to make about $1000 free online. Sign up now.

Good luck!

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