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Earn 1 Ethereum Worth of Tokens from KeepStake Airdrop

Earn free $200 online
This is an opportunity for all the participants of this airdrop to earn FREE 1 Ethereum, an equivalent of about $200 for doing just simple tasks of following the social media platforms of KeepStake. 

KeepStake is airdropping 1 KPSK token an equivalent of 1 Ethereum to each participant in this airdrop. There's no easier way to make cool $200 online than this (at the time of writing this, one Ethereum is around $200). 

The airdrop is ending very soon, this month to be precise. So, if you're reading this and you have not participated, there's no better time to register but now. 

To claim your free token equivalent to 1 Ethereum, Sign up here.

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