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A Mind Blowing Similarity between Bitcoin & Basic Income

What you're about to read here in this article, is one of the MOST significant and contributing
factors the success of behind bitcoin. It is nothing other than mass adoption.

And that's one of the things which Basic Income has too! But let's understand this even more, with help of some examples... (every smart investor should think about it). There's a coin, which is beer based. You can use it to buy beer. There's another coin, just like Microsoft, it is an operating system that
gives life to computers, there's a coin related to an OS on blockchain, and then, there's Bitcoin. It's used in transactions. You know it. It's the first digital currency.

Now, all these 3 coins are good. But every smart investor would be able to rank them on the basis of "Mass Adoption" Let's do it..what's your answer?

Simple...beer based crypto is a good idea but can it ever have as much mass adoption as bitcoin?

Billions of people will be using bitcoins to do transactions......and you'll be able to buy virtually anything you can imagine. Hundreds or even millions of transactions happen every second, all across the globe. Hundreds or millions of beers don't get sold every second, right? In the same vein, Operating system- spectacular idea, without a doubt. And an OS has great utility......but, can it beat Bitcoin's utility? :) No!

Talking about Mass Adoption, now think about Basic Income...the idea of Basic Income will solve the world's biggest problem....poverty! Billions of people all around the globe want this idea to be implemented, isn't it right? There's no convincing or selling required here.

Government and world leaders have been working on the idea of basic income, at smaller scales, doing experiments etc......but for the first time ever, it'll be implemented at a mass level,
by the Basic Income Network, using blockchain & crypto currency!

With the support from BILLIONS of people from around the world Basic Income beats Bitcoin, from the point of view of Mass Adoption, left right & center. Do you follow? If yes, then you're smart! But question is, are you making smart moves everyday? Are you claiming your 100 free tokens/day? Are you referring more & more people to Basic Income platform to get 500 basic income tokens for free?

you're lucky, to be reading this article, because you're amongst the very few people, who truly understand......and are a part of the launch of the COIN BIGGER & BETTER THAN BITCOIN. Hope you're getting excited now! :)

The tokens are limited and will stop dropping once they exhausted the 5,000,000 tokens to be given away. So, if you have not made the smart move by registering to claim your 100 free tokens daily and getting extra 500 tokens for every valid referral, if you haven't done that, what are you still waiting for? Sign up right away and be among the early adopter of a coin that will revolutionize the world.

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