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Basic Income- It's time to Ride with the Wave

It's a high probability that years down the line, you may come back to this website with gratitude in your heart, towards all the abundance which the Basic Income Token got you!

What I've come to understand is that every cryptocurrency has a utility, a purpose......in other words, a vision and please understand, I'm only talking about the ones which are here to stay, and are LONG LASTING...not the shitcoin.

The goal of Basic Income is simple...and its quite obvious, it goes along with their name... 'basic income'. Basic income is a concept where all people in a given group are given a fixed amount of unconditional basic income.

Ideally basic income should reduce poverty and help decrease the wage gap between the rich and the poor, hence, improving the quality of society.

Friends, those that have registered to become early adopters, here's why you're standing right in the middle of the next gold rush. To understand this, take bitcoin for example. We increase its value by utilizing bitcoins. It's us, the human beings, who control the usage of the coin, thus, its value..

The exciting thing about 'Basic Income Token' is that it solves one of the biggest problems in the world - poverty. Thus, when it hits the market, and becomes a cryptocurrency, there's going to be an uncontrollable FRENZY in the market...because everyone wants the idea of basic income to come to reality.

Do you know who's getting RICH at this point of time? The answer is pretty simple - those who have a lot of 'Basic Income Tokens' already. And that could very easily be you...here's how! You can claim 100 tokens every day in your account until the end of the airdrop.

But here's when it gets really exciting for you friend, you can get 500 tokens, if you refer a single person to the platform using your referral link... you have an opportunity of a lifetime, because every
wealthy investor, has been where you are today, if you're already registered on Basic Income you are now holding the key to massive amounts of wealth!

So, if I were you I would BLAST my affiliate link in the whole universe and get everyone involved. And, careful, because the token distribution will stop once they hit just 5,000,000 users.

They've got top marketers, pumping traffic, doing marketing and getting MASSES to be involved in this. It's now time to do your bit and get rewarded! Firstly, sign here, then grab your referral link and start promoting. Remember, 1 Basic Income token is $1. By registering now you'd be getting 100 tokens daily until the end of the airdrop. You get additional 500 tokens for each valid referral that signs up with your referral link.

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