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EMX Airdrop - Worth $100 + Additional Ref Earnings

earn free $100 online
The EverMarkets Exchange is reimagining the cryptocurrency trading landscape, giving crypto holders the ability to trade global futures contracts on a single platform - without the need to convert to fiat.

EMX is a next-generation trading platform that bridges the cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets to deliver an unparalleled experience. Built on blockchain technology, EMX delivers a fair, transparent and secure way to trade. EMX is airdropping about $100 and above (depending on your numbers of referrals) to each member of the community - the supporters or early adopters.

Airdrop Description - The EMX Rewards Program

The EMX Rewards Program is still ongoing and will end on the 9th of November, 2018. Hurry up and join us in the airdrop before it expires. To reward their earliest supporters, they are giving away free EMX trading fee credits. Yes, that’s right — as soon as EMX launches, you will already have money in your account to spend on trading fees.

How much, you ask? Up to $1,000 (USD).

You can only use the credits on their exchange for your trading fees. All you have to do is help them grow their social media presence and user base.

Steps by Steps Guides

  • The “Earn Rewards” GE widget is embedded on EMX’s website. To access it, go to their website here, click on the widget, hit “Get started” and sign up with your email address to start earning points.
  • An email will be sent to verify your account. If you don’t see an email in your inbox, check your spam folder.
  • Follow EMX’s social media accounts, retweet, and share content to earn more points. It’s that simple. You get $10 worth of credits for completing just one of those actions.
  • Complete KYC with an ID card, drivers' license or passport for more points.
  • On the widget, you’ll see a referral link you can send to friends and family. This is by far the best way to earn points and get more EMX credits.

The more points you earn, the higher you climb in the 5 tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Elite) and the more EMX credits you earn.


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  • Twitter Account
  • Youtube Account
  • Email address

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