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Lendxcoin Exclusive Airdrop - worth $195

worth $195, a very easy way to make good money online
Lendxcoin is a platform for peer to peer lending. They have a digital coin called Xcoin, a digital cash applied for peer to peer lending. Xcoin cash will be the link between lenders and borrowers all over the world by smart contracts and Blockchain platform. All transactions are carried out online.
The mission of Lendxcoin is to connect lenders and borrowers, checking information, checking loans, verifying P2P list, and insuring loans.

The members will enjoy self-control loans, self-providing lending period, self-giving interest rate and time to receive interest.

We all know that the demand for lending and borrowing is increasingly popular and it is necessary for both individuals and businesses. So the goal of Lendxcoin is to offer a platform to lend and borrow money with a little time, high success, transparent loan and without proving your loans.

Lendxcoin is offering a bridge that will link lending and borrowing of members all over the world without any mortgages. In this great platform, lenders and borrowers will be connected to each other quickly and easily, and will have no need to take much time and carry out unnecessary and complicated procedures just like they do in traditional banks.

Borrowers and lenders will enjoy great confidentiality in the Lendxcoin peer to peer platform. All loans are transparent. They have a very simple approval process without loan demonstrations and there is no distinction between individual and business, i.e. no preference is given to either business or individuals - everyone will enjoy same benefits.

Airdrop Description

Lendxcoin is giving out a total of 1,000,000 XCOIN ($1,500,000) in the airdrop/bounty campaign.
The campaign started on 8th Oct, 2018 and will end on 20th Oct, 2018 (according to Time zone UTC - 4) All members can participate and receive maximum 130 Xcoin, an equivalent of $195, this is one of the biggest earnings in an airdrop/bounty campaign that you cannot afford to miss.  The missions are really simple. For participation, you have to open an account on the Lendxcoin website and visit Bounty area on their website.

Steps by Steps Guides

  • Like and Share their official Facebook
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Join their Telegram group
  • Write an introductory article about Lendxcoin and publish on your private blogs, Facebook or forums then send the link to them for verification. Once you have done all these, you're considered to have completed the mission and you'd receive your tokens, i.e. 130 tokens. You can get more by participating in the airdrop. 


  • Facebook Account
  • Twitter Account
  • Telegram Account
  • Email address

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