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Crypto Beach Airdrop - Worth $125, Join Now

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A cryptocurrency for business and entertainment, that is what Crypto Beach is all about. It is a ‘decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem’ using smart contract technology. Top P2P lending companies and robo-advisors have coalesced to form a platform, Crypto Beach to provide a revolutionary method of fund transactions between borrowers and lenders worldwide.

Crypto Beach - a P2P Finance Alliance

Verified global Peer to Peer lending companies, information providers, and robo-advisors are part of the Crypto Beach Alliance. CryptoBeach is only accepted at legitimate businesses who are part of their Free Trade Barter Network.

They are Expert in Risk Management by Robo-advisors

Internationally-recognized robo-advisor algorithms constitute the global investment portfolios of Crypto Beach.

What they are offering

  1. CryptoBeach proposes a fast, fair and secure currency without inflation. Users, forming mining club, grow and secure the network by doing common behavior i.e. transactions.
  2. Proof-Of-Transaction: The more normal transactions, the more rewarding; novel security consensus model on transactions made in club.
  3. Automatic Harvest Club Participation: No work or knowledge required to enjoy being part of an on-chain mining club. The vision is any one can run a node in cell phone.
  4. Low Cost Transaction Fees: Most of transaction fees are returned from club in future blocks based on your transaction history.

Crypto Beach Airdrop

This is an opportunity to participate in their airdrop and earn up to 222,222 tokens, yes every participant will get 222,222 CryptoBeach(CBR) Tokens and if you reefer your friend you will get additional 5000 CBR Tokens. The 222,222 Crypto Beach tokens is equivalent to $125 at the time of writing this.

How to Join the Airdrop

  1.  Follow their Twitter page
  2. Retweet one of their tweet on Twitter tag alt least 5 Friends.
  3. Subscribe to their Youtube Chaneel and leave One Comment about their Project
  4. Join their Telegram and give them a good message comment in the group
  5.  Fill out the form given using a valid frequently used email address
  6.  Provide your ERC-20 compatible Ethereum address – it should be an ERC-20 compatible wallet such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Ethereum Wallet, Mist, etc. (Please note that they will NEVER ask you for your Private Key)

Note: AIRDROP  is limited to 30,000 users, so hurry up before the 30,000 is reached. You can't afford to miss the opportunity of earning $125 for free.

To sign up, follow this link to google docs: Airdrop Form
Where you are asked for referral links and referral telegram username, put @Alexis29

Note: You need ERC-20 Compatible Ethereum Wallet address to participate in any Airdrop or Bounty Program. Click this link to learn how to create an ERC-20 Ethereum Wallet Address.

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