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Monarch Token Airdrop

Join the monarch airdrop now and earn huge dollars
Monarch is the ultimate crypto payment solution for both business and consumers, pairing a CMS plugin for online stores with an easy-to-use protocol.

Monarch is a total fiat-crypto exchange with a wallet and merchant plugin that offers recurring payments for monthly bills. It is built on a proprietary blockchain with tokens continuously backed by silver. For recurring payments, it uses a proprietary (Patent Pending) protocol called Multi Signature Wallet Leasing, which sends payments in a decentralized manner. Monarch is creating a a Content Management System (CMS) plugin for popular CMSs like Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, etc. for online businesses to accept crypto. One of the most desired features for merchants is that customers can pay in crypto and Monarch's Internal Exchange will pay the businesses in fiat. This will be a mass adoption tool for businesses to accept cryptocurrency.

Airdrop Description

Monarch is airdropping 100 MTP tokens (~$10) to airdrop participants and 20 MTP tokens (~$ 2) for every referral. ICO price: 1 MTP = 0.10 USD


  1. Start to chat with the Monarch AirDrop Telegram Bot.
  2. Join Monarch on Telegram. 
  3. Follow Monarch on Facebook.
  4. Follow Monarch on Twitter & Like 2 last posts & Retweet the AirDrop Tweet.  
  5. Download the App Monarch wallet on IOS, MAC OS X or Windows.
  6. Submit your MTP wallet address and other details to the AirDrop Bot. 
  7. Your tokens will get credited in the installed App Monarch-wallet after ICO concluded.
  8. MTP tokens will be automatically replaced by MT tokens on December 31.


  • Facebook Account
  • Twitter Account
  • Telegram Account
Airdrop Announcement: Bounty participants and whoever else holds MTP will receive 1 MT for every MTP they hold

Note: You need ERC-20 Compatible Ethereum Wallet address to participate in any Airdrop or Bounty Program. Click this link to learn how to create an ERC-20 Ethereum Wallet Address.

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