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Participate in the Trakx Contest, Win Up to $250,000

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Are you looking for a legit way to make money online? If you answer yes to this question then you're in the right place. As usual, I present latest ways of making money online in a legit way on this blog from time to time. 

In today entry, I'm going to reveal an opportunity to participate in a bounty program that can pay you as high as $250,000 if you are lucky to be the winner. Before I go into the details of the program, let's have a general overview of the company behind the contest. The company is no other than Trakx. Trakx as the name sounds is a company that is building the first crypto tracker solution.

You may want to know what crypto tracker is all about. Well, simply put, Crypto Trackers are tokens which significantly reduce the complexity and fees associated with the setting of long and short positions on various cryptocurrency assets. On such platforms, users will be able to trade digital tokens that are positively or negatively correlated to the tracked crypto assets. Trakx is working to offer a wide panel of Crypto Trackers such as inverse trackers, levered trackers, basket trackers and stablecoins. 

In addition, Crypto Trackers are ERC20 trackers that change proportionately to the percentage change in their benchmark, multiplied by a potential leverage factor for any given day. Because of daily reset, CTIs have a compounding effect such that losses and gains from each period affect the base from which the next period's returns are calculated. Each Crypto Tracker corresponds to ERC20 token and can be stored in an ethereum wallets and can also be traded on Trakx.io.

Having learned a little about Trakx and Crypto Trackers, let me now talk about the contest they are running. The contest is called the Trakx.io Bounty/Airdrop Program. This is a contest whereby the more entries you get the more tokens you'll have. This is one of the most exciting, innovative and easiest way to earn free tokens. Participants are to carry out some simple tasks and earn entries for every task successfully completed. 

Every entry earned by a participant is proportional to a stake in the specific bounty contest pool of tokens. The final amount of tokens will be determined by the success of their public crowd sale. You can learn more about this in the Terms and Conditions of the program on their website. 

All that are required to participate in this contest are active email address and active social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram, etc. Below is a breakdown of each of the tasks to perform and the entries points awarded for each task.

Once you sign up, here are the following tasks to perform:
  • Sign up you get 1 entry point 
  • Validate your email address and earn 10 entry points
  • Refer a friend and earn 100 entry points
  • Join their Telegram Channel and earn 50 entry points
  • Join their Telegram Community Chat Group and earn 50 entry points
  • Make a unique short post on their Telegram Community and earn 60 entry points
  • Customize your Telegram profile with a photo they provide and earn 150 entry points
  • Follow Trakx on Twitter and earn 80 entry points
  • Retweet one of their tweets and earn 100 entry points
  • Share your referral link on Twitter and be rewarded with 100 entry points
  • Like their Facebook page and get 50 entry points
  • Join their Facebook group and get rewarded with 50 entry points
  • Share your referral links on Facebook and get 100 entry points
  • Subscribe to their Reddit Channel and get 50 entry points
  • Follow them on Medium and earn 50 entry points
  • Follow the CEO of Trakx on Linkedin and earn 50 entry points
  • Visit their website and write about your opinion of the website and get 15 entry points
  • Write a unique article of at least 500 words about the program and earn 1000 entry points

As you can see from the list, these are simple tasks that anybody can perform. So, this contest is opened to all to participate and win handsome prize, which can be up to $250,000. Below is the screenshot of the prize to be won by each position (as seen from the page on Medium).

Opportunity to make money online easily

To participate in the bounty earning opportunity head over to their airdrop page. Register for the contest with an active email address and validate your email address. Perform as many tasks as possible. Remember the more tasks you perform, the more entry points and the more your chances of winning. In my own case, I make sure I perform all the tasks. You should do the same if you really want to win. 

Note: You need ERC-20 Compatible Ethereum Wallet address to participate in any Airdrop or Bounty Program. Click this link to learn how to create an ERC-20 Ethereum Wallet Address.

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