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Opportunity to Own a Business and Be Your Own Boss

Ebook and video pack on paint making, bread making, ice cream making dry erasable whiteboard marker ink, Soap and powdered detergent, mini importation, and how to open and verify PayPal account of any country
Get all these ebooks with a paltry sum of NGN1,000 and be on your way to becoming a business owner, a boss of yourself. This is a huge opportunity you cannot afford to miss, over 90% off the normal price. This is a limited time offer only. This offer is for the first 10 smart persons that will act today. Once the 10 persons is reached, the price will go back to the normal price of NGN10,000.

If you have been thinking of a business venture to embark on, manufacturing business is something you should consider. Yes, it is true that starting a manufacturing company from the ground up may be challenging, yet it is a highly rewarding and lucrative business, particularly if you have an entrepreneurial goal and you're determined to be successful in creating sought-after products. Statistics show that the manufacturing industry is a viable one, particularly if you're producing goods in high demand. Selecting which product to manufacture will largely determine whether you're on track for success. These ebooks and videos tutorials you have an opportunity to get today with a token of NGN1,000, all teach how to produce products that are highly demanding. 

This is a package of 8 High Quality Ebooks and Video Tutorials for a token of NGN1,000. Remember this price is a limited time offer. Once the first 10 persons pay for this offer, the price will go back to NGN10,000.

Here is just a summary of the ebooks and the video tutorials in this package:
  • Paint making ebook and video tutorials (you'll learn different types of paints)
  • Cosmetics and Beauty Care Products Production Ebook and Video Tutorials (over 200 recipes)
  • Bar Soap, Powdered Detergent and Liquid Soap Production Ebook and Video Tutorials (over 150 different soap recipes)
  • Detailed Step by Step Guide to Whiteboard Marker Ink Production (How to produce and package whiteboard marker ink)
  • The Mini Importation Blueprint (How to import products at a dirty cheap price and sell it at a killer price - a step by step guide)
  • A Step by Step Guide to Bread, Cake and Other Small Chops Making with video tutorials (over 150 recipes on bread and other pastries)
  • A Step by Step Ice Cream Production Ebook (Over 100 different recipes)
  • How to Open and Verify a USA, UK, UAE, and other Countries PayPal Account (the importance of PayPal Account to your Online Business Success cannot be overemphasized)
  • And many more bonuses for the early birds.
Now let me give you a short summary of each of these materials

The Paint Making Ebook and Video Tutorials 

  • In this guide you'll learn how to produce Emulsion Paint. Textcoat Paints, Gloss (Oil based
    An ebook that teaches step by step on how to make emulsion pain, textcoat paint, gloss or oil based paint and satin or nylon paints
    paints) and Satin (Nylon) Paints
  • It's a detailed step by step manufacturing ebook and interactive video guides that anybody can follow 
  • You'll get to learn the raw materials used in making paints and how to source for best quality raw materials for better production result
  • How to market your products.

Cosmetics & Beauty Care Products Production Ebook & Video Tutorials

This is a massive list of over 200 different types of cosmetics and beauty care products, a step by step ebook guide and video tutorials. In this package you are going to learn the following:
  • Making cream base
  • Herbal cream
  • Whitening lotion
  • Egyptian whitening cream
    A detailed step by step ebook and video tutorial guides to make different types of cosmetics and beauty care products
  • Hair Growth oil
  • Hot chocolate lotion
  • Pimples cleanser
  • Hair Wonder Hair Growth Cream
  • Skin glow night cream
  • Hair Shampoo
  • Knuckle eraser
  • Stretch mark remover
  • Face cream
  • Pink lip balm
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Papaya lightening cream
  • Dark spot eradicator
  • Body scrub and whitening body wash
  • Anti-dandruff hair cream
  • 10 days whitening lotion
  • Whitening and pimples facial mask
  • Herbal Hair Growth Shampoo
  • Collagen body scrub
  • How To Make Hand Wash
  • How To Make Roll-On Deodorant (ROLL ON)
  • Recipes Of Hair Glowing and Grow
  • How To Produce Original Nail Polish Remover
  • How To Make Cocoa butter
  • Body shower gel
  • How To Make Hair Relaxer
  • Dark thigh remover 
  • Hips and breast enlargement oil
  • Breast firming oil
  • Breast firming mask
  • Recipes For Hair Growing
  • Perfume (Body Spray)
  • Baby glowing body cream
  • How To Make Perfume
  • And many more (over 200 different recipes)

Bar Soap, Powdered Detergent and Liquid Soap Production Ebook and Video Tutorials

This is a guide that will teach you step by step procedures for making any type of soap, detergent and other household consumables like insecticides, air freshner, disinfectant, and lot more. In this guide you'll learn the following:
  • How to make detergent powder
  • How to make a homemade local dryer for your detergent powder
  • Basic Ingredients In Soap Making And Their Functions
  • Materials needed for soap making
  • Herbal black soap
  • Baby soap
  • Toning black soap
  • Whitening black soap
  • Toning herbal liquid soap
    A detailed ebook and video guides that teaches soap making, detergent powder making, disinfectant, body spray, perfume, bleach, cleansers
  • Knuckles soap
  • Glowing soap
  • Skin glow herbal soap
  • Stretch mark whitening soap
  • Whitening soap
  • Tumeric and Goat milk soap
  • Moroccan soap
  • Charcoal Face Soap
  • Lightening melt & pour soap
  • Coffees Soap
  • Baby shampoo
  • Lemon Green Tea Soap
  • Baby shower gel
  • Oat Meal Cinnamon Soap
  • How To Make Medicated Soap
  • Eczema soap
  • Cinnamon Honey & Almond Soap Recipe
  • HoneyComb Soap
  • Bentonite Clay Soap
  • Homemade lightening soap
  • Orange Cloves Soap
  • Skin toning soap
  • Bar Soap Made With Silicon Mold and where to get cheap silicon mould
  • How To Produce Citrus Non-toxic Window Cleaner
  • Liquid Soap
  • Bleach
  • Vaseline
  • Toilet wash lotion like harpic
  • Air Freshener
  • Vim (Pot Cleanser)
  • Germicide like izal
  • Toothpaste
  • Insecticide
  • Disinfectant like dettol
  • Car wash
  • Styling Gel
  • Shoe Polish
  • Shoe maker gum
  • And lot more

In addition to the recipes, you will learn how to start a successful career in the production of these items and the marketing strategies to ensure sales.

Detailed Step by Step Guide to Whiteboard Marker Ink Production (How to produce and package whiteboard marker ink)

A detailed guide to produce whiteboard marker ink in Nigeria using locally sourced materials
This is an opportunity to learn how to produce ink for whiteboard markers and sell to schools, colleges and other institutions of learning in your locality. This is a lucrative business opportunity, as you may already know, almost all schools in our locality today are no longer using chalk board but whiteboard, and as such require marker to write on such boards.

The imported markers and ink are so expensive. So, if you can produce your own, sourcing all the required ingredients locally, you should be able to subsidize your price and get a good patronage from schools and other institutions of learning.

This Step by Step eBook Guide will help you achieve that. It's written in a way that anybody can understand. That you don't know anything about chemicals is not an issue. You will get a detailed information on all the required chemicals, where to buy them at a very cheap price, and a detailed explanation of how to formulate the ink to get the desired results.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • The CHEMICALS NEEDED for the production of whiteboard marker ink
  • The proportion of each chemical needed and the function of each chemical
  • A detailed Step by Step formula to produce this ink and package it.
  • Where to source for chemicals locally
  • The Market and profit potential.

The Mini Importation Blueprint (How to import products at a dirty cheap price and sell it at a killer price - a step by step guide)

Opportunity to learn mini importation from the gurus
This is an opportunity for you to get an Advanced Training on Mini Importation. In this guide I teach everything about mini importation and you will have access to my full mentorship program once you purchase.

In summary you will learn the following from the min importation ebook:
  • How to start importation with 10k-15k capital
  • How to source for quality products 
  • How you can be connected to a Chinese procurement agent that will help you buy your goods so you won't lose money (you're going to import from a website that is written in Chinese language, so you need an agent that understand the language).
  • I will teach you how to source for goods that meet America and European standards
  • I will give you a reliable shipping company that will ship your goods to your country at a cheaper rate in a matter of 1 to 10 days.
  • I will teach you the mode of Payment
  • I will be there to answer all your questions and any challenge you might face
  • I will guide you so you won't make any mistake

A Step by Step Guide to Bread, Cake and Other Small Chops Making with video tutorials (over 150 recipes on bread and other pastries)

Opportunity to learn everything about bread making and other small chops pastries
You will learn the different bread making procedures which include:

  • making the dough, 
  • caring for the rising dough, 
  • kneading the dough, 
  • shaping the dough into loaves, 
  • baking the loaves, and
  • caring for the bread after it is baked. 

We went further to discuss several bread-making recipes and the procedure involved in each recipe. Recipes such as:
  • White Bread--Long Process
  • White Bread--Quick Process
  • Whole-Wheat Bread--Quick Process
  • Graham Bread
  • Graham Bread with Nuts
  • Whole-Wheat Fruit Bread
  • Bran Bread
  • Rye Bread
  • Corn Bread
  • Rice Bread
  • Salt-Rising Bread, etc.

While the preceding recipes call for bread in the form of loaves, it should be understood that bread may be made up in other forms, such as rolls, buns, and biscuits. We went further to discuss different recipes for making Rolls, Buns, and Biscuits. These forms of bread may be made from any of the bread recipes by adding the necessary ingredients. You will learn the right ingredients to add to achieve the desired result.

Rolls, buns, and biscuits may be made in various shapes and sizes. You will learn how to shape them and what is used in shaping them.  After they are shaped, they should be allowed to rise until they double in bulk. To give them a glazed appearance, the surface of each may be brushed before baking. You will learn what to use in this process.

We covered recipes like:
  • Parker House Rolls
  • Spring roll
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Luncheon Rolls
  • Whole-Wheat Rolls
  • Graham Nut Buns
  • Nut or Fruit Buns
  • Sweet Buns
  • Coffee Cake
  • Cinnamon Rolls

We didn't end it there, rather we went further to describe the process of making the best quality toast. Of course, making toast is not a difficult process, but a certain amount of care must be exercised if good results are desired.

Lastly, you will learn how to make small chops and pastries like: 
  • Doughnut
  • Meat pie
  • Samosa
  • Puff puff
  • Burns
  • Chin chin
  • Egg roll
  • Sausage Roll
  • Peanut
  • Pancakes
  • Pizza

A Step by Step Ice Cream Production Ebook (Over 100 different recipes)

You will learn the different ingredients and their effects when making ice cream. Ingredients such as 
  • Cream
  • Egg yolk
    A step by step guide on making ice cream
  • Glucose
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Stabilizers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Flavoring agents

You'll also learn the different procedures in making ice cream
  • The terminologies in ice cream making
  • Storing and serving ice cream
  • Troubleshooting tips 
  • Over 100 different ice cream recipes
  • And lot more

How to Open and Verify a USA, UK, UAE, and other Countries PayPal Account 

A detailed guide on how to open and verify PayPal account of any country of your choice
If you live in a country where you cannot use PayPal to receive payment or withdraw money from your account, then this ebook guide is for you. 

We all know the importance of PayPal account to online business success. Unfortunately PayPal restrict Nigerians from accessing some of their functionalities, such as the ability to receive money into your PayPal account. This guide will walk you through a detailed step by step guide to open and verify PayPal account of any country of your choice. It also teaches how you can maintain and operate the PayPal account to avoid your account being frozen.

You will learn the very good VPN services to use that PayPal will not detect your location. With this guide you are sure to get a fully functional PayPal account of any country of your choice. 

Attached below are some of my proofs of operating a successful PayPal account from Nigeria.

Opportunity to Get all these Books for a Paltry Sum of NGN10,000 (A Limited Time Offer)

Remember this offer is open to only the first 10 persons that will pay for this package. Once this number is reached, the price will go back to NGN10,000. So act now, get your copy while the offer last.

As stated the promo has ended. The price is now NGN10,000.

How to Buy

Make payment to the following account details
  • Account Name: Alexander Ubokwe
  • Account Number: 0129351105
  • Bank: GTBank
After payment, send an SMS with your details (name, date of payment, email, the amount paid and the item paid for) to 08187664783. Once your payment is confirmed, the download link will be sent to the email address you provided.

I Accept PayPal, Skrill, Western Union, MoneyGram or Bitcoin

For those interested in this book but you're outside Nigeria, you can pay either through PayPal, Skrill or Bitcoin. To order for the book send $22.75 through any of the following means.
  • PayPal and Skrill email: ijokospring@gmail.com
  • Bitcoin Address: 18wPikorQ1rdkLBTt5yLXpFhkoZpa4FqLh

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