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Are We Truly In A Dark Revolution - Find Out With This Article

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We all know that the emergence of machines, softwares & automation is a threat to jobs. More jobs are being replaced with softwares which can do even more amount of work, efficiently. Very soon, you'll have self-driving cars on streets, and these are just a few examples of how technology will cause a lot of loss in jobs.

While visionaries are speaking of 'changing the world & making it a better place with technology' someone has to address the concerns of the common man who has a job today, but won't have one tomorrow. Here's another scary part- the number of jobs are reducing but the number of students going to school and getting degrees, hoping to get a job increases every year.

The scariest part- this 'Dark Revolution' is just getting started. The team behind the great project called Basic Income Network envision a world of equality...giving everyone, regardless of background & religion, a basic income. Their goal is to eliminate poverty, and reduce the gap between the rich & the poor.

The good news is that cryptocurrency has the power to change the world; it's the next big revolution in the world of technology, business & humanity as a whole. As more & more cryptocurrencies emerge every month, the market is volatile, no one can predict exactly where the market will go but one thing is for sure, the crypto currency which entails a lot of utility, and the blockchain economy which is solving problems in the world, is here to stay & long lasting.

Basic Income Tokens are here to stay, and can even beat Bitcoin in value one day...and why you may ask? It's because of its utility & the problem it solves...because one of the most pressing needs in the world, one of the biggest problems in the world revolve around money!

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Over the last few days, the platform have been experiencing tremendous growth, and soon they will have hundreds of thousands of people bringing in new members. Friend, rush and register now because the free token distribution will stop once they hit 5 million members.

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