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Join the Vechain Classic Airdrop

Making money online easily with airdrop campaign
This is another huge opportunity to gather free crypto coins through a reliable airdrop campaign by Vechain. Vechain is giving away 50,000 VENC tokens over the next few days to each participant in the airdrop campaign.

These 50,000 VENC is equivalent to $10. In order to qualify for the 50,000 VENC, there are simple tasks to perform. These tasks are so simple that even a 5 years old kid can perform them so long as such a kid has a social media account. The tasks are outlined below:

  • Join their Telegram Channel 
  • Follow their official Twitter page
  • Retweet their tweet on airdrop campaign and tag 5 friends
  • Submit Your Twitter Username 
  • Submit Your Email Address 
  • Submit Your ETH Address 

Airdrop Rules

Complete each step once and must be done correctly, you cannot fill the form twice.
Only members who are in the Channel when Airdrop end will get tokens
Your VENC tokens will be sent to Your ETH Address when Airdrop end.

To get additional VENC tokens of 20,000, use your unique referral link to invite friends. For each friend you invite, you get additional 20,000 VENC, that's $4 for each referral. Work hard in referring as many people as possible.

To participate, sign up now.


 Don't Miss Your Chance! Get Your +100% BONUS Tokens VENC Now

Current Price : 1 ETH = 5.000.000 VENC

All members can join this special event by sending ETH to VENC Smart Contract Address.

  • 0.05 ETH get  500.000 VENC
  • 0.1 ETH get  1.000.000 VENC
  • 0.5 ETH get 5.00.000 VENC
  • 1 ETH get 10.000.000 VENC
  • 2 ETH get 20.000.000 VENC
  • 4 ETH get 40.000.000 VENC
  • 8 ETH get 80.000.000 VENC

Send ETH to VENC Smart Contract Address: 0xd95b501353acd941d65f1321bd336bb96192be5a VENC smart contract will send VENC to your ETH address instantly and automatically. Don’t forget to share with your friends this chance

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