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How to Get a Verified PayPal Account for Your Online Business Success

Open and verify PayPal account in Nigeria
If you are an internet entrepreneur, I believe by now you know the importance of having a verified PayPal account. We cannot overemphasize the importance of having a verified PayPal account if you want to succeed online. There are lots of opportunities that will elude you if you don't have one. In this entry, I will walk you through the fastest and easiest way you can go to get a verified PayPal account for yourself. But before I proceed, I will like to tell you more of what PayPal means should in case you've not in one way or the other heard of it before, which I doubt.

PayPal is an online payment processor company that process online transactions such as payments and money transfers through the internet. This they do by making use of the account made available for free to everyone.

Irrespective of their flaws, as people all over the countries where PayPal operates have been complaining about their overzealous strictness, PayPal is no doubt still the world's largest internet payment processing company. They've made their relationship with their customers so poor forgetting that their customers are still the reason for their existence. But nevertheless, they are unavoidable necessity. Anyone that is into or about going into the world of internet business needs to have at least an account with them either for making payments or receiving payments.

Lest I forget, PayPal came into existence in the year 1998 but became well known in the year 1999 when they were bought over by eBay. They have their headquarters in California there in the United States of America but they support over two hundred countries of the world, including Nigeria, however, Nigeria is not given full access. That's is why this written for any serious minded Nigerian out there who does business online can learn the easiest rout to have a verified PayPal account right living right here in Nigeria.

Initially when PayPal started in 1998, they allowed Nigeria along with other African countries on their list of supported countries but had to ban Nigeria because of reported fraud by so-called scammers who carried out fraudulent activities on their platform. This restriction was and is a major challenge to all internet entrepreneurs.

But in June 2014, they listed some few countries they support in which Nigeria got listed again. However, Nigeria was not given full access to their services. In other words, not all their services are accessible to Nigerians. One of such services is the ability to receive funds.

They only allow sending of payments/funds through credit or debit card linked to ones Nigeria PayPal account but they do not allow receiving and withdrawing of funds through it. Lo and behold! The restrictions placed by PayPal i.e. not being able to receive payments, and withdraw earnings via PayPal has never for once been an issue for some of us doing businesses online.

Many smart Nigerians have been operating the so-called widely used USA PayPal account and other countries PayPal account without stress. To be sincere with you, I received all my earnings from Fivesquid (a freelancing website) through my verified PayPal account that I've been operating from Nigeria for many years now, without it being restricted or limited.

If you follow this guide carefully and apply the instructions, you too will have your own verified PayPal account that you can use to receive funds from any part of the world, just like me.

Check the images below taken from my UAE PayPal account (the type you are going to learn how to open in this guide) to verify my claims (you can clearly see my name, Alex, on the first image. I intentionally left the name uncovered to prove to you my claims. Note that I still have one more USA PayPal account.

A guide to getting a verified PayPal account in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and other African countries

A guide to getting a verified PayPal account in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and other African countries

A guide to getting a verified PayPal account in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and other African countries

Some of my transactions on my verified UAE PayPal account
Some of my transactions with my verified PayPal account

Some samples of my transactions with my verified PayPal account

These are samples of some of my transactions with my verified PayPal account

This is a sample of my transaction with one of my verified PayPal account that can send and receive funds

Some of the images above are for payment transactions I received from one of the online freelancing websites, Fivesquid, that I mentioned earlier, as you may see, one of the images indicates it clearly the source of the transaction. While the other images are some of my transactions of payments I sent to people using my verified PayPal account.

Note that they only allow two PayPal accounts for an individual in which one should be a personal account and the other one should either be a Premier or Business account.

One can open more than one business account with the same ownership name but different business names if the need arises, and it must be with genuine reasons. However, with the new PayPal policy, don’t be tempted to open business account except the business is legally registered in the country with valid documents like license, tax certificate etc.

But if you are bent on or it is necessary you have a business account, you can legally register a company in a foreign country where PayPal is fully supported and use the details of the business to open your account.

As you can see from my screenshots above, I hope you now believe that it is possible to open, verify and operate a foreign PayPal account in Nigeria if one opens it the right way following the right guidelines as you will learn in this book as I will give to you if you choose my services.

I have many years of experience in this, so if you need a verified PayPal account, look no further, you have come to the right place. You can check details of my PayPal opening and verification services here or simply, you can hit me up on Whatsapp let's discuss your PayPal needs.

To Your Success!

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