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Get Quality Contents that Rank Well on Google and Attract Quality Leads to your Website?

Get high quality articles created by an experienced freelance writer
My name is Alexander and I am a freelance writer available for hire. As a freelance writer, I’ve found that many clients enjoy my unique writing style, high quality of work, and reasonable rates. I can offer you excellently written contents on a wide range of topics for your online projects that can help drive massive traffic to your website or blog; contents that have the ability to turn those casual website visitors to regular audience/customers.

My rates are competitive and I provide excellent value for money. Why spend your time writing content for your websites when you could be doing other things, such as developing your site’s strategy, networking and making contacts, or simply enjoying the rewards of your labour?

When it comes to the written word, I am an expert. My voice is clear, succinct, and memorable. I have been writing blogs, marketing material, and other contents for many years for numerous publications online, and I take pride in effective communication. My work with previous clients helped expand their online audience and brand recognition.

Whether you need someone to write regular blog posts, tutorials, reviews, or ebooks, I will be glad to work for you.

Here is a list of some of the types of content I am experienced in writing:

Blog Posts: One way to increase your prospects and better connect with a wider target audience is to add a blog to your website. It's one thing to have a blog, it's another to have quality contents published on the blog. If you already own a blog or you plan to have one, and probably you're wondering how to get quality contents published on the blog regularly, I will be glad to work with you in that regard.

I can write blog posts on a regular schedule and on a wide range of topics to suit the style and voice of your site. I thrive very well on health-related niches, how-to or do-it-yourself kind of information, and business-related niches. That does not mean that I cannot write on other subject matters. You only need to contact me first to discuss your needs.

General information pieces on a wide range of topics

Reviews: I can write reviews on either physical products, services or experiences. I will use my research skills to provide a detailed and accurate appraisal of the product or services.

Ebooks: If you need an ebook to offer as a giveaway on your site, or you are a Kindle author or you just need an ebook for whatever reason, I can write it for you and design a professional 3D ebook cover that you can use to market your book.

Guides and Tutorials: I’ve written a number of guides and tutorials for using software and for many other topics.

That I listed some categories or niches here does not mean that my writing ability is restricted to these areas. If your project doesn’t fit into any of the listed categories above, just get in touch to discuss your needs.

I am available for short-term contracts of a single article and also long-term projects for larger or ongoing jobs. To get in touch to discuss your content creation needs, use the contact form here. You can also reach me on Whatsapp through +2348187664783 or Facebook via my profile page here.

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