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Why He Made BILLIONS in the 2008 Market Crash

Bundle of money made from TerraCredit investment
Have you seen the movie, "The Big Short?" These days, most movies and TV shows are a waste of time & energy, but this one can open your eyes to a mind-blowing concept.

On the other hand, if you haven't seen the movie, I'll share the concept with you anyway!

During the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, as the vast majority of people were losing money and going broke, a few people, Michael Burry, and a bunch of others were getting rich.

Have you ever come across this quote, "Success leaves clues?"

Well, I have and that's why I wanted to discover the clues which Michael Burry's success left, the wealth principles which any common man can apply in their trades today, and as I kept thinking about it more & more, it hits me hard.

Its nothing but the ability to identify when a bubble is being formed!

Seriously friend, while I am beyond thrilled to wake up every morning knowing that cryptocurrency is the future of the world I'm also pissed off because of all the hype. New coins are being started every day, being sold on hype, but offering no real value or utility.

Friends, TerraCredit is different!


Because of the value it's offering. I see this coin picking up more value than most top 100 coins by market capitalization today. Over the last few months, TerraCredit has been experiencing tremendous growth with physical branches opening around the world, in order to achieve their main objective - helping the world unbanked population to create and maintain wealth outside of the conventional system.

At the time of writing this article, they have physical presence in form of franchises in the following countries of the world:

  • Colombia
  • Ukraine
  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Ghana

And more countries will be added soon

Friends, the TerraCredit moon journey is kicking off very soon. At the time of writing this, TerraCredit is trading between $0.000010 and $0.000015. Very cheap, right? This is because the supply is quite high compared to the current market capitalization.

To help achieve the moon journey, Credit will be swapped on the 1st of August. The swapping ratio is 1000:1, meaning 1000 of the current Credit will become 1 new Credit coin. And the last traded price before the swap will be multiplied by 1000. This will bring the price to about $0.01 and $0.015 going by the quoted price above. However, the TerraCredit team is working tirelessly to make sure the trade resume at a price of $1 per coin comes August 1st.

If they are able to meet that target, that would be huge for all the earlier Credit investors, I mean everyone that buys now, including you reading this now. If you can buy as much as possible now, by August you should be among the TerraCredit millionaires. Even if they are not able to meet the target, there are still lots of benefits for investing in TerraCredit now before the swap. But before I talk about the benefits, let me talk about the use cases of Credit, which made me confident that this coin will be a huge success in the nearest futures.

I will write about each of the use cases in each of the following subheadings:

Terra-bit Exchange - The Cross-border Payment Solution for the World Unbanked

Terrabit exchange is owned by Terra Foundation the same company that owns TerraCredit. This means the native coin of Terrabit exchange is TerraCredit. If you take your time to research the prices of popular exchange coins and token you'd discover that most of them don't trade for less than a dollar. Let's take a look at some of the popular ones to buttress my point.
Exchange coin/token Price
BNB $17.17
HT token $4.21
KCS $1.15
BTMX  $0.0373
BF $0.002

If all of the above coins/tokens could achieve these price points, TerraCredit should do better because Terrabit is more than a crypto exchange. It's an all-inclusive platform, a highly secure and super-fast centralized cryptocurrency exchange, a payment processing platform, and a Crypto mining exchange. On Terrabit website, you can send money anywhere in the world even if the recipient is not registered on the website. The only thing required to send money is the email address of the recipient. You can pay for utility bills, and mine the Credit coin through MiniPoS.

Additionally, all of the assets listed in the table above are just exchange coins/tokens. TerraCredit is more than just an exchange asset. It has several other use cases as discussed below.


Terra-Mart is an e-commerce website also owned by Terra Foundation. There, anybody can become a vendor, create a store to sell either physical or digital products, and services. The only means of payment is TerraCredit. This use case alone is enough to drive the price of Credit coin to the moon.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

After the swap of TerraCredit on the first of August, the new Credit Blockchain will become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization where participants are entitled to vote on proposals for the success of the project.


Again the new Credit Blockchain will incorporate masternodes where participants can earn more than regular investors. If you want to earn massively from the project, I recommend you go for the masternode. At the time of writing this article, Credit is very cheap, so participating in masternode shouldn't be a problem for most people. The only requirement is to get 50 million Credit 1.0 (50,000 Credit 2.0 i.e. after the swap). You don't necessarily need to have a PC and a server to run the masternode as there is provision for people to make use of masternode service providers.

CEO and Team Work Ethics

The success of any crypto project is largely dependent on the CEO and his team members. Honestly, since I've been in the crypto space, I've not seen any crypto project's CEO that's as honest and transparent as the CEO of TerraCredit. He delivers more than his promise. This alone gives me confidence in this project. A lot of developments and partnerships around the world through franchising, are ongoing in the TerraCredit ecosystem.

To join the Credit moon journey that will happen very soon, all you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. Register an account on Terrabit Exchange   
  2. Complete your KYC if you want to perform fiat-based transactions (crypto transaction doesn't require KYC)
  3. Make a fiat deposit by bank or credit/debit card
  4. You can also deposit Eth or USDT
  5. Buy credit
  6. Transfer credits to MiniPOS to enjoy mining rewards while we wait for the swap on August 1st.

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