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Get $11 and More Free Now

with TerraCredit airdrop and bounty campaigns

If you are a regular reader of this blog you must have read the post where I described how I've been making money online lately. In my two previous entries, I discussed the water pump that will continue to pump money. That water pump is nothing other than MiniPoS, a platform where anyone with little capital can take advantage of, and earn a passive income for life. 

If you haven't read the two previous entries, I will give the links to the articles at the end of this page. I don't want you to leave this page because I want you to get your FREE $11 and more right away. You will get the details of what TerraCredit and MiniPoS are all about from the articles whose links are given below. 

Let me go into the details of how you can get the $11 and more now. 

The TerraCredit Airdrop

For those who are totally new to crypto, you might not have known what airdrop is all about. Well, I'm not here to teach you what airdrop is all about. As a matter of fact, I've done that in one of my previous articles, which can be found here: What is Crypto Airdrop?

Well, if you click the link above, don't forget to come back to this page because I don't want you to miss your $11 free giveaway. 

TerraCredit, a revolutionary crypto project is airdropping $11 worth of Credit coins to all participants. The only qualification to get this is to perform simple tasks that won't take you more than five minutes of your time. 

The tasks are outline as follows: 
  • Join the Terrabit telegram group
  • Join their telegram channel
  • Register an account on the Terrabit website
  • Also, register an account on the Terrabit Android app. Just download the app, install and sign in with the same details you used to create an account on the website. 
  • Follow their Twitter account and retweet the pinned post
  • Follow their Facebook page
  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel, like and share one of the videos on your social media account
  • Subscribe to their advertiser (Bounty Detective) YouTube channel, like and share TerraCredit airdrop video on your social media account
  • Join their advertiser telegram group 
  • Follow their advertiser Twitter account and retweet the post about TerraCredit airdrop
  • Submit your details and wait for distribution which will take place after the swap in August 1.

You can earn more through their referral system. You earn additional $1.5 for every valid referral. There's no limit to how many people you can refer, so put your referral link to work and accumulate as many $$$ as possible. 

Note: The link above will open in telegram bot, so ensure you have telegram on your device before you get started. 

Earn More with the TerraCredit Bounty Program

You can share in the pool of $250,000 worth of TerraCredit by participating in the bounty program. The bounty tasks are a little bit harder than the airdrop tasks. They are not hard in the real sense but requires more time and effort. 

If you are good in writing, I will recommend you go for that in the bounty program. You can learn more about the bounty here.

As promised above, here are the links to learn more about TerraCredit project:

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