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They Gave 'Free Money' in Canada, and Something Happened

Hey , the idea is Basic Income Network is not just to make the vision of 'Basic Income' a reality for you and others but its also to transform YOU into an investor, entrepreneur & an ultimate opportunist...a person who's knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Reading this entry and hustling everyday to get more & more tokens through referrals will certainly do that for you! This article will further strengthen your vision for being a part of basic income cryptocurrency! On your journey to becoming that, you need to know this: In the 1970's, they tried to implement the idea of basic income in Canada. As a result, the following things happened

Because people were given free money, a basic income, they reduced the the average working
hours by 10%. and they chose to invest that time in going to school, learning a skill, looking for a better job etc. Lot of new mothers, stopped working in order to take care of their babies. Teenagers stopped working, because of less pressure of earning & giving to their family, more teenagers went for higher education.

Hospital visits dropped 8.5 percent, with fewer incidents of work-related injuries, and fewer
emergency room visits from accidents and injuries. Reduction in rates of psychiatric hospitalization,
and in the number of mental illness-related consultations with health professionals

This was a very small attempt to try & test the idea of basic income. Although the idea couldn't become a sustainable practice, the conclusion is: The world needs basic income.

Here's the good news- a few decades ago, the world didn't have something which it has today and that's talking about cryptocurrency & blockchain.

Look, in plain & simple logic, the value & success of any cryptocurrency is determined by the size of problem its solving! We don't know a bigger problem in the world, than poverty or bigger than tens of thousands of people dying everyday because of hunger.

Cryptocurrency is 'people's money, the more people supporting a cryptocurrency, more its value!  When basic income tokens hit the market & become a cryptocurrency, it'll be a mad rush to buy basic income crypto! That's where you'll make money, like an investor.

The question is - how many basic income tokens have you gathered? Have you registered and have you been claiming your 100 daily tokens? Well, if not, you know what to do! Sign up right here.

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