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How to Earn Cryptocurrency by Completing Simple Tasks

Earn free crypto coins through airdrops and bounties
Many new people entered the cryptocurrency space after the ground shaking price rally that we witnessed in 2017. Although most newcomers got involved by purchasing their first coins, there is a very simple yet effective alternative: completing small gigs in crypto airdrops and bounties in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum or other tokens.

What are cryptocurrency Bounty Hunters?

In the “Old West”, a bounty hunter was a person who captures fugitives and criminals for a monetary reward (bounty). In the cryptocurrency terminology, bounty hunters often perform simple marketing, content or software related tasks for a reward paid in tokens.

Some of the most popular tasks

There are two main approaches to earning cryptocurrency for completing small tasks: Bounties and airdrops.

Bounty tasks range from very simple promotions on twitter and Facebook, to highly technical smart contract development bounties. Here’s a list with some of the most popular bounties sorted by average payout in decreasing order.

  • Bug bounties
  • YouTube bounties
  • Article and content creation bounties
  • Translation bounties
  • Improvement bounties
  • Bitcointalk signature bounties
  • Facebook bounties
  • Twitter bounties

On the other hand, airdrops are just a financial incentive paid for becoming a community member of a blockchain project. Participating in an airdrop can often be as simple as joining a Telegram community, following the project on twitter or Facebook, subscribing to their reddit or Medium account, submitting an email address and submitting an Ethereum payment address.

It’s important to always keep in mind that due to the highly volatile and speculative nature of cryptocurrency, payouts can sometimes be a lot lower than initially expected… Or significantly higher. Participants in the Ontology airdrop, for example, earned $1,000+ worth of ONT tokens (at prices in March) for just submitting an email address.

How to Get Started in Airdrops and Bounties

Bounties and airdrops are mainly found on bounty networks like Bounty0x or cryptocurrency forums like Bitcointalk.

While Bitcointalk is essentially just a forum and might not be the best option for newcomers, Bounty0x is a new and fairly easy to use bounty hunting platform with tens of thousands of active bounty hunters and over +$5M worth of bounties. I encourage you to sign-up for free with Bounty0x in just seconds and start earning cryptocurrency immediately.

Sign up for Bounty0x here.

Another very good airdrops and bounties platform that I will recommend to you is the Free Coin Hunt. Apart from participating in airdrops and bounties, you can claim free coins every hour and there also have attractive affiliate program that will reward every promoter handsomely. So what are you still waiting for? Sign up here.

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