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FREE Crypto Giveaway for Serious Minded and Hardworking People

Good news! Good news! Good news! for all free crypto coins hunters. This is an opportunity for everyone and so if you are looking for a platform to get free coins and get up to 1 BTC in a week (depending on how serious you are), this is for you. What I'm offering here, one is a crypto exchange and trading platform and also has an opportunity to accumulate free crypto coins from their FREE coins giveaway. The other is a web browser which I have written about in previous entry, a web browser that helps one to mine coins as you use it to browse. And the last one is a cloud mining platform that also has a faucet where one can claim some free coins every now and then.

Ok let me start with the first one. It is no other than Yobit. As stated earlier, Yobit is a crypto exchange and trading platform but also currently has a sort of faucet where one can claim much coins in a matter of minutes. If you have not opened an account on Yobit yet then you are missing out greatly. There are lots of philanthropists giving away free crypto coins every seconds on Yobit. All that's required of you is to create an account, if you have money to trade on the platform, invest and start trading. If you don't, click the FREE COINS link from your dashboard, solve the captcha and start collecting those coins as much as possible.

If you really want to accumulate tangible amount of coins in no distant time, you should make it a habit of visiting the free coins link every 30 minutes. This is possible if you have a good smart phone that can access the website conveniently. You should do that because some days you may be lucky to get up to 100,000 units of a particular coins. I was lucky to get that twice and within a period of two days my free coins rose to 0.0022BTC equivalent. So let's say I'm able to get that kind of coins may be 10 times, depending on the worth of the coins in BTC, I may be able to get 1 BTC in a short period of time (maybe within a week, especially this festive period where almost everybody is in the mood of giving). There are lot of crazy (I mean good) philanthropist on Yobit, donating these coins to registered members of the platform.

So, join us and tap into this opportunity while it lasts. Crypto has the potential to eliminate poverty with this sort of opportunity. We just have to embrace it. Join us and get your own FREE COINS NOW. Sign Up Now.


Other good platforms for free crypto earnings that are paying very well as stated above are:

Cryptotab Browser

This is a web browser that automatically mines crypto coins for you as you use it to browse any website. I have written a detailed article on this in one of my previous article which you can read here: mine crypto coins with a light weight and fast browser. There nothing much to learn about it, however. All you need to do is to follow this link, download the browser, install it and make it your default browser. Anytime you access internet, the browser automatically mines coins for you. Although you can turn it off if you wish. But I recommend you set it to auto mining so that anytime you access internet you get free coins.


This is a cloud mining platform that is currently giving everyone that signs up free 10GHS of mining power. You can use this free mining power to mine any coin of your choice. In addition to that they have a faucet that you can claim free coins from every 15 hours and the faucet pays real good. I encourage you to follow this link and sign up right away now that the give away is still available.

Note that there is Eobot version 1 and 2. The old version is eobot.com while the new one is eobot2019.cc, it's their 2019 version of their site. You can sign up for both of them. The link above goes to version 1 while the banner below goes to version 2. Follow each one to sign up for both.
Note that all of the above platform have a good affiliate program that pays handsome rewards to those who promote their offer. So, as you join through these my links, start promoting your links immediately so you can make something tangible from the platforms.

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