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Are You Broke? Are You In Need of Money? Here You Go!

Get $100 everyday
If you're reading this post, I'm slightly concerned, and here's the reason why......because most people who want to make money and earn an income online don't understand this: "if you continue to think like you've always thought......you'll continue to get what you've always got!"

Before we talk about money & getting rich, let me actually give you the starting point. It's your thinking, your mindset & your attitude! If you take care of that Friend and do what you'll learn here, you won't be able to stop the avalanche of wealth that's coming your way through the Basic Income Network.

Let me get you started with the 2 fundamental laws of making a lot of money...
1) More impact = more money. The people & products which make most impact in the world, make the most money. Look at Facebook for example, it has 2 billion users. For that reason Mark Zuckerburg is the 5th richest man in the world.

Certainly, building something like Facebook and beating it can't be done starting today but here's what you can do. Get as many people as possible to signup for Basic Income Network with your referral link and you get 500 tokens for each referral. This will start to build your wealth, when each basic income token gets converted to a cryptocurrency. 1 Basic Income Token = $1 at the time of writing this article.

2) Money LOVES discipline. Be consistent with your efforts! and systematically increase the number of people you refer every single day. Start with 3-5 people per day, pump more traffic, do more marketing, daily and keep growing your referral counts.

If you haven't join Basic Income Network yet what are you still waiting for? Register right away and start accumulating your free coins, note that you get 100 tokens everyday until the token pool is exhausted. Join us here.

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