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Join Us in the BUZZIN BOUNTY; Accumulate Points that You can Change to Money

Easiest way to make money with crypto project
Buzzin is an infinite bounty hunt, where new tasks and new rewards are added every day!

They list tasks and rewards for many companies right in one place, and new ones are added all the time. So, you'll always have someone new offer to discover, and something new to win!

How to Earn Tokens in Buzzin Bounty

When you complete a task, you will earn a certain number of points. This points, you can convert your points into token rewards, which are provided by the services on their site.

There are different types of tasks you can complete. All of the tasks are very simple, even a 5-year old child can perform the tasks. Some of the tasks only require you to like their social media pages, follow them on twitter, read a blog post, visit a website, watch and like or comment on a video. The hardest task I've ever seen in the Buzzin Bounty since I joined is to create a video about ArtPro and host it on Youtube or Vimeo. But if you have ability to create a video, the points you'd be given is worth the tasks, you'd earn a whopping 5000 points which can be converted to money later.

You will also earn points when people you refer complete tasks! For example, if you refer 10 total people and each one earns 1000 points, you'll get 2500 extra points!

You can also earn shares by referring others. Every day, a certain number of points will be split by everyone who has referred others or completed the bonus referral tasks during that day. The more shares you have, the more points you'll get. Shares will reset every day, and you can earn them every day!

How to Get Started

To get started, follow this link to sign up now. After sign up, you'd be directed on the tasks to complete and go from there. You're already auto-registered, so you're good to go!
In order to receive your rewards, you must complete the tasks related to account registration (email, email confirmation, ethereum address, agreeing to terms of use, captcha). So, make sure you do that!
A bonus speed challenge starts right after you sign up, so if you're brand new, the challenge may have already started! Good luck!

Note: You need ERC-20 Compatible Ethereum Wallet address to participate in any Airdrop or Bounty Program. Click this link to learn how to create an ERC-20 Ethereum Wallet Address.

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