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Have You Heard About NNU? Easiest Way to Make Money Online

Easiest way to make money online in Nigeria reading and sharing news

NNU - - The Latest Ways to Make Money Online Legitimately in Nigeria

Easiest Way to Make Money Online in Nigeria - You are GUARANTEED to make money daily by login into the website, reading news, commenting (optional), sharing the sponsored post on your social media account, referring others to join you (optional). 
NOTE: I'm not selling any information here, even though I decided to write this page like a sales page. I'm giving you the information FREE of charge. You only thank me by signing up through my link.

There is no limit to how much you can make here. You decide how much you want to make per month. This is the surest way to make your first NGN100,000 online right in the comfort of your room or on the go, with your mobile phone. 

This is a comfortable, fruitful opportunity to earn Thousands of Naira every week (even daily) from home. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!


In case you don't know what NNU is all about, it's a site that pays you for login into the website, reading news and commenting, sharing sponsored posts and if you wish, referring others to the website. 

NNU gives individuals unlimited access to news updates in Nigeria (and sometimes beyond). Just like every other News Website (Nairaland, Naijagist ,etc), NNU updates us on events happening around us. But there's more! Unlike some of these News Websites, NNU creates an online income opportunity for its members.


Personally, I've taken my time to go through the CEO's profile. The CEO is known as Paul Samson. I'd like to go further. He is also an entrepreneur, ICT guru, MLM professional, etc. The important thing I want you all to note is that he's a Nigerian who has sought out ways to provide income earning opportunities to Nigerians, especially the youths.

And how has he achieved this so far? He has other Websites and other entrepreneurial ventures besides NNU that also pays individuals for participating and rendering their services. I can say he is Credible. 

Now that we have seen the credibility of the owner of the platform called NNU, let's go into the details of how to make cool money on NNU. 

You will need a meager sum of N1,600 to register as a member on NNUThe brilliant thing about this site is that you get N1000 (One Thousand Naira) for each person that registers under you. And if you register with my referral link, I get N1000 from your registration. 

By registering, you automatically get a referral link too which will allow you to bring other people to register under your name. You get N1000 from every person who registers using your referral link. Imagine getting 10 people to register with your referral link in a day. You automatically get N10,000!

Apart from this, there are other side earnings attached to registering. They are outlined below:


You earn N50 when you log in to NNU website. Most of us don't earn to login Facebook, but NNU pays you to log in.


For every sponsored post you share from the website to Facebook and Twitter you earn N100. Just imagine having 3 posts to share for the day. That's N300 for that day.


You also earn to read news on the website. For each news you read, you earn N2. You don't even need to read it, just open the link and get your money. But guess what, we all read the news on Facebook and other social media without payment.


Did Facebook pay you for asking that a particular friend of yours opens a Facebook account so you can connect with each other? CERTAINLY NOT!

Did Instagram, Twitter, and other social media pay you for asking a friend to open an account with them to enable you to communicate with them easily?

Does any social media or news website pay you for telling friends about them? NNU pays members for doing these!

Say you read up to 250 posts. That's N500 just for that day. Of course, there are no limits to the number of posts you can read. By my personal rough estimation (per month):

Daily login: N50×25days= N1,250.
Sponsored post: N100×25days= N2,500.
Reading News: N2×100 news updates= N200.
N200×25days= N5,000

Without Referral, you earn= N8,750 monthly. 

Let's say you get 10 referrals in a month, i.e. N10,000. When we add it to the amount above, that's a total of N18,750. What a cool way to make money online.

The number of registered members on NNU is growing at an exponential rate. The earlier you register, the better it would be for you. When the members get to 1 million it will become saturated. For now, only very few people know about this site. It's better to register on time and make your money before everyone is aware of it. Right now, hundreds of people are registering every day. Grab your chance now and make your money!

If you are familiar with Nairaland, you will feel at home with NNU. They both have similar interfaces. Many Nairalanders are already registering and making money in a cool way, no stress of any kind, just in the comfort of your home.


I have many of them and more are still pouring in monthly. Take a look at some of them below:
Are you still doubting or are you ready to change your life by making some cool money the easiest way like these people? The earlier you join, the better, before it gets saturated. 

PSS: If you have any question or having problem registering, feel free to chat me up on WhatsApp: (+2348187664783)

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