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Candle Making Business

Candle making, a business idea
It has been established that entrepreneurship begins with starting and running a business. To start a business one has to be creative or innovative. This post focuses on how to make candles and build a business around it. It's such a business with a huge potential. As far as man's need of light must be met, there must be a market for your product. An article worth your consideration before you embark on this business venture are simple ways to start and run your business and general precautionary measures when handling chemical related products.

How to Make Candle


  • Candle mould
  • Thread
  • Source of heat
  • Big container
  • Drums or stainless pots.


  • Paraffin wax
  • Paraffin oil
  • Stearic acid
  • Colorant.

Production Procedures

  1. Put one (1) litre of paraffin wax into a container.
  2. Add one (1) litre of paraffin oil.
  3. Add one (1) litre of stearic acid.
  4. Add colourant
  5. Stir thoroughly.
  6. Place the pot on a source of heat until the mixture dissolves.
  7. Pour the melted stuff into a fabricated mould with the thread inserted.
  8. Allow solidifying.
  9. Remove candles from the moulds.

Economic Viability

Since the power supply in Nigeria is unrealistic, and the cost of operating a generator is high, candle is an alternative source of light. It's marketability is also enormous as nobody lives in utter darkness no matter the class in the society. A lot of profit could be made from this venture. Remember also that some churches use candles for prayers and other religious purposes.

Target Market

There is no place where light is not needed. But candle is especially needed in places where there is no constant power supply or a total lack of it, such as rural areas, homes, shops, churches that use candles, etc. This means you have a wide market for the product. How much you make depends largely on your marketing efforts.

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