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How to be a Productive Entrepreneur

Guides to becoming more productive as an entrepreneur
Indolence is costly. Entrepreneurship is not meant for an indolent person, rather it is meant for people that are up and doing in their chosen endeavours. Your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur cannot be achieved if you choose to be indolent, slothful and careless. Fulfillment in any area of life is never achieved by the indolence.

The nut is hidden in its thorny case, the pearl is buried beneath the ocean waves, the gold is imprisoned in the rocky bosom of the mountains, the gem is found only when you have crushed the rock which encloses it, and the very soil gives its harvest as a reward to the labouring farmer.

In order to become productive in your chosen endeavour, the following points are worth your consideration:

Be Innovative

Learn new ideas to do a work better in order to bring new products out of the existing ones. Look at what happened in the account of Jacob in the Holy Bible in Gen. 30:37 - 43 and the account of Joseph before Pharaoh in Gen 41:22 - 44. Your belief system may not allow you to embrace the biblical concept, that's fine. But the wisdom contained in this ancient book (that is as current as the evening news), cannot be quantified. Honestly, its concepts are worth your consideration.

If you are a man of faith, you can pray to God for new visions in your chosen endeavour and get fresh ideas. He said in His word that "He will do nothing but reveals His secret to his servants - the prophet". That is the people that fear Him and regard Him. This means He is committed to showing you the secrets of success in your career.

Oh! Enough of preaching! Right? Let's go on with other points that will help you to be productive.

Use Your Talent

Many people fail to use their God-given talent. They are afraid of venturing into a new business. They are afraid of taking risks. This is not supposed to be an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, one of the skills required for successful entrepreneurship is the ability to take risks. For such people, instead of looking for ways to apply their talents to create a meaningful means of livelihood, they embark on a futile search for greener pastures in other professions, or in search of non-existent white collar jobs.

  • Do you have an artistic talent? You can create an art gallery. 
  • Do you have the passion for singing? Musicians are among the richest class of people today. 
  • How about making others laugh? There is a huge market for you in the entertainment industry - you can go into comedy. 
  • Perhaps, you have a fertile imagination; Write books! 
  • You have good knowledge of money-management and business transaction (that is one of the skills of entrepreneurs); with a little money, you can start a business.
  • You have a successful relationship - show people how you achieve it. Give relationship advice. 
  • How about health-related issues? Are you very good in that areas? My friends in GNLD makes a lot of money organizing seminars and giving health advice to people, after which they use their automated machine to do some test and thereafter sell their GNLD products. Whatsoever your hands find to do, do it with all your strength, and you will certainly see your breakthrough.

Work Hard

Entrepreneurship is not for lazy people. You will have to sow before you reap. In entrepreneurship, there is a sowing-time and there is a reaping-time. Some people have all the resources at their disposal but because of their indolent attitude, they sow nothing and certainly they will reap nothing. There are jobs for them to do, there are people who are willing to assist them, yet they fold their hands in long deep sleep or sweet tale-bearing.

Have the Fear of God

The fear of God, the Bible says is the beginning of wisdom. Great minds have always demonstrated piety, fearing the Lord and doing justice. A life willing to prosper should demonstrate, in practical ways, the true piety, purity and a life free from defilement.

Be Humble

A whole lot of us are not willing to start low. The Bible says we should not despise the days of little beginning. A whole lot of people want to take off from the pinnacle. But many "lowly" unrecognized jobs are more lucrative than the big-named jobs. Go out there and start something little, greater will be the reward if you faint not.

Be Determined

Those who reach the goal of excellence are not quitters. They are not those who are easily put off or discouraged. They are not lazybones. They have a will of iron and a spirit that never gives up. They know that the times can be tough, but they are determined to be tougher. An entrepreneur must have a "Can do" mentality. He must have the mentality of "Though others quit, I cannot".

Be Prayerful

Prayer is the master key to success in any chosen endeavour. Obtaining visions and dreams for creative life means receiving the best from God. This cannot be achieved without prayer. The secret things lie bare before God. We can have access to these secrets only at the altar of prayer. For a life to be meaningful, for one to be productive and creative, one must be prayerful. Remember there are forces that don't want any good thing to come your way, they don't want you to even be alive. The only way you can overcome such forces is through prayerfulness.

If you can do all these as an entrepreneur, the sky will not be your limte but a starting point. If your have any idea to contribute, you are welcome to do so through the comment section. We love comments, please share with us. Thanks for reading.

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