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Top 6 Affiliate Programs for Nigerians

Make Money with your Laptop
One some of our previous posts on affiliate marketing, we have established that one of the ways to make money online legitimately is through affiliate marketing. In this post, I will show you the best programs in the country right now that you can partner with and make cool cash online. These affiliate programs discussed here are arranged according to the ease with which one can make money with them here in Nigeria and the flexibility of receiving payments as an affiliate.


This is my favourite affiliate program for the moment. As a matter of fact, I have made quite a good amount of money with Jumia affiliate program and I have been paid severally. I have already written a lot about their affiliate program, which can be found in the link above when they were running the program in partner with Commission Junction.  I was able to make 71.95 USD with the program when they were running it with Commission Junction.

Although receiving payment from Commission Junction is a lot difficult considering our postal services here in Nigeria. Commission Junction sends payment via check once you reach a payment threshold of 100 USD. Although they have the option of sending your payment through FedEx, charges of 40 USD applies. That's a big money you know. But it's safer considering the kind of postal services we have in Nigeria - A bundle of craps.

But thank God, early 2014, Jumia started running their affiliate program by themselves. This means you can now be paid right into your Nigerian bank account. And the good thing about it is that the payment threshold is very low (2,500NGN, unlike when it was with Commission Junction, you have to wait until your earnings accumulate to 100 USD). Also, there is a welcome package of 1,500 NGN every month that Jumia will give you if you are able to make a sale in a month (as at the time of writing this article, not when it was published).

My first month of sign up, I was able to sell three items and I was credited with 4,957.64 NGN (i.e. four thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven naira sixty-four kobo). The money was paid into my GTB bank account that same month.

Tips on making money fast with Jumia affiliate program

Don't rely on the traffic your website will generate and the subsequent conversion of the traffic. It may not happen in most cases. So what I do is to go about with word of mouth testimonies/advertising. I tell people about Jumia anywhere I have the opportunity. I tell them I can order products at a very cheap price and the items will be delivered to their doorsteps. Sometimes I go about with my PC to show the Jumia products catalogue. This way I make lots of sales.


I have also written about Konga affiliate program which can be found here: making money in Nigeria with Konga affiliate program. They are as flexible as Jumia and their methods of operation are very similar. The same flexible method of payment.

Tips for maximizing earnings with Konga

Once you sign up, from your affiliate account dashboard, you can share links/banners in popular social networks like facebook, twitter and Google+ just by a click of a button. They already have the links built, yours is just to click on the respective social network button and share your links. Join as many facebook groups as possible that are related to Nigeria and share your links there. With God on your side, you will see someone interested in buying what you shared. However, you have to do it with care if not Facebook will ban your account.


This is an ad network similar to Chitika and AdSense and every other good advertising network out there. I include it here because they have a good referral program that pays a good amount of money. And they have a flexible way of sending out earning. Particularly, as Nigerian, you can use the option of wire transfer. This means once your earning accumulate to 500 USD, you can request payment into your Nigerian bank account.

This is how Bidvertiser affiliate program works, once you placed their referral banners on your website and a user clicks on it and registers either as a publisher or an advertiser, you will be paid a commission.

If the user clicks your links and signs up as an advertiser and spends $100, Bidvertiser will pay you $50, if the person spends an additional $50 you will be paid an additional of $20.

If on the other hand, the person signs up as a publisher and earns $10, you the referrer will be given the $10. If the publisher makes $50 you will be given an additional of $40. This means the more people (publishers or advertisers) you can refer to Bidvertiser, the more money you can make.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a platform that once you join them you will have access to join a lot of affiliate programs, and manage all the affiliate programs through commission junction interface. They have a flexible payment system, but because of our terrible postal services in Nigeria, I'm not a fan of this. Although you can make good money with them if you have a good traffic to your website. They pay by check.


A lot has already been written about Amazon on this site. You can access the links here:


Chitika is also an ad network, second best to AdSense, as far as payment and the effective result is concerned. A lot has also been written about Chitika ad network here. You can access the links below.

They have a good affiliate program that will pay you for the first 10 months from the earnings of anybody you referred. You are paid 10% of whatever your referral makes each day for the first 10 months of the signup. They pay you either by Paypal or check. But for Nigerians, only check is available, unless you have a verified Paypal account.

This is not an exhaustive list of affiliate programs that Nigerians can participate and make good money with. As stated earlier these are the ones you can easily sign up and be accepted. And these are the ones you can easily make money with and be sure of receiving the money. We will keep the list updated and add more as we make more research.

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