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I Won $50 with on Chitika Referral Promo

I Won in a Referral Promo Competition
This post is how I made $50 just writing a review about Chitika ad network. When it comes to monetizing a website through a contextual advertising network, there are lots of ad networks that claim to be the best Adsense alternatives. They promise you that they pay faster and better than AdSense. Some even went to the extent of telling you that they'll drive traffic to your website/blog once you sign up with them as a publisher. (I'm writing from a personal experience here. Those days when I was still an online novice I used to believe them anyway!).

Personally, I signed up with lots of such "Make money quick ad networks", one of which is no more in existence, or better, is temporarily not available at the moment. (The few bucks I made just went like that). The ad network claims it pays better and faster than AdSense and yet it could not stay around up to a year, after its inception.

Well, enough of those bullshit AdSense alternatives. Let's talk about the real best AdSense alternative. Let's talk about Chitika ad network. As stated above, when it comes to monetizing a website with contextual ad programs, honestly there is no better AdSense alternative than Chitika. Why? You may ask.

I gave a detailed post about Chitika ad network services in my last post whose link is given above. Some of the features of this network that I like so much is their various ad types, i.e. the Lynx and Hoover ad types. Since I have activated these ad types, my Chitika revenue has greatly increased. In short, the performance is awesome, despite the low traffic I receive on my blogs most of the days.

What Is the Chitika Referral Promo All About?

July this year (at the time of writing this article), Chitika did a promo where their publishers are to write a review about their services. I was invited by mail to participate in the program. Here is the excerpt of the mail:

The month of May marked the 10th Anniversary for Chitika. We’d like to thank
you for your continued partnership as we grow and improve together.
We have some exciting things in store for you, such as:
• Win $500 in our July Referrer Contest! Read more
• Earn up to 20% more instantly! Activate Linx and Hover ad types
• How to Go for GOLD! Qualify for advertisers who
pay more for your valuable clicks
To your success!
The Chitika Affiliate Network Team.
I followed the "Read more" link above, followed instructions and wrote a review about Chitika ad network, submitted the link to my review. Winners were to be announced by the first week of August. And here is the excerpt of the mail I received from them on the first of August:

Hey there!
I would like to congratulate you on being one of our winners for Chitika's July Referral Promo! Your prize of $50 dollars will be deposited into your account at the end of the month.
Would you kindly send me a picture of yourself so we can feature you and your site on our referral homepage?
Let me know if you have any questions!
Amanda CollettePublisher Acquisition Manager
Chitika, Inc.
e: acollette@chitika.com1800 West Park Drive
Westborough MA 01581

Yes, you read well! I am one of the many winners of the promo. I believe by now you believe that Chitika is more than an ad network. They are really doing great things. If you are not yet a publisher with Chitika, there is no better time to do it than now. Check out the website, sign up, activate Lynx and Hoover ad types, and see results like never before. With Lynx and Hoover ad types activated, you can earn up to 20% more instantly.

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