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How to Sign Up for Amazon Associates in Nigeria

Amazon Associate Program for Nigeria
We have written a lot about Amazon affiliate program on this site. If you have decided to give it a try, this post will direct you on how to sign up for the program. With the exception of a few US states, residents of almost every country in the world are eligible to participate in the Amazon associates program. To register as an Amazon associate, head over to amazonassociates, check the top right corner of the screen and make sure that "Select Locale" is set to the United States and then click on Join now for FREE.

Amazon has affiliate programs for various locations USA, UK, Germany and India. For each of these regions or Locales, Amazon has a customized version of their website. To open and maintain accounts under all the different locales is not always easy and if you are a newbie it could further complicate things more and delay your time period of making your first dime with the program.

Of all the various locales, United States gets the most buyers therefore if you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, it is recommended that you stick with the United States locale for starters. When you have garnered more experience, then you can try your hand on registering for all the different locales.

If you live in Nigeria, then you should register the US locale. From the top right-hand corner of the screen, where you have "Join Now For Free", change States if it is showing another country to the United States. Fill in your name, email and the password that you want to use Create account.

Next, you are presented with a form into which you are expected to fill in the payment and contact information for your new account. Filling Your Account Information If you already have an active domiciliary account in your name, enter your name as the Payee Name. If you are using someone else’s domiciliary account, enter the person’s name here. Make sure that the name is written correctly according to the bank records because any mistake in the name may cause delays in receiving your

If you are signing up for Amazon affiliates for the first time and you do not already have a domiciliary account then you can write any name as payee name in the account information form. You will be able to change the payee name and address later when you have a domiciliary account or found someone’s own to use.

Next thing is to enter the Address where your check will be sent to. The address must be an address where you can receive letters. It does not have to be the address of the payee. It is just the address where the check will be sent to. The address should not be too difficult to locate. If you are using another person’s address, you can start Line 1 with C/O xxxx where xxxx may be anybody's name
For ZIP or Postal Code, enter any 6 digit number like 234001 or 100001.

The zip code you put here doesn’t really matter because we don’t follow zip codes in Nigeria. But make sure that whatever you enter is 6 digits. For Phone, enter your phone number. The last part of the form contains options for you to use if you are using someone else’s domiciliary account. If you are using your own account and the payee name is the same as your name, then under "Who is the main contact for this account?" select the first option which is "The payee listed above".

On the other hand, if you used somebody else’s name as your Payee, then select the second option and then enter your own name and phone number in the fields that appear. When you have made your selection accordingly, click on the yellow button that says Next: Your Website Profile. After entering your account details, the next step is to enter your website profile information.

If this is your first time and you do not already have an Amazon affiliate account, you will need to build one site first with which to make your application. The website that you use for your application does not have to be too detailed and can even be composed of one well-written post and a few pages like About Us, Contact Us etc.

Enter the name and URL of your website in the indicated fields. You can use any existing website that you have. Next, select the category that best suits your website niche. When you are through, click on Finish. On completion, you will be taken to a thank you page from where you have the option to specify a payment method.

As stated earlier, the only payment method available to Nigerians is the check method. So, if you are in Nigeria, select Pay me by check. If there are no errors or mistakes, you will be granted access to your control panel. This panel is your administrative backend and is known as Associates Central, from where you can generate product links to display on your site.

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