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How To Create An Amazon aStore And Embed It To Your Site

How to Create Amazon aStore and Embed it to Your Site
What is an Amazon aStore you may ask? It is a store created on Amazon website but integrated into an external blog or website that appeared to be an integral part of the website where it is embedded. How is a thing like this done, and why must you consider implementing it if you are an Amazon affiliate?

To create an Amazon aStore, head over to their website affiliate central which can be found here affiliate central. Log into your account and look at the menu links, one of which is aStore. Click on it. You will be met with instruction on how to create the store, along with each step of the way. Follow the instruction carefully and do all the settings based on your taste.

The purpose of this post is to teach you how to embed the store to your blog/site and not to teach you how to create it, as all the information you need to create the store is handy as you create it at Amazon website.

Having created the store, scroll to the bottom where you will see "Finish and get links." Click on it and you will see three different options; whether "Simple link to my store as a standalone site", "Embed my store using an inline frame", and "Embed my store using a frameset".

Of course, the second option is my focus here. So click on it to reveal the HTML source code of the option. Copy it to your clipboard or paste it in a text editor like notepad. Now go to your blogger dashboard and click on pages. Create a blank space and give it whatever name you deem suitable for your store. Instruction on how to create pages in blogger can be found here "How to arrange blog contents to different categories".

Having created the blank page, Look up the button that reads HTML on the blogger text editor interface. Click it to reveal the source code of the page you just created and paste the code you copied from your Amazon aStore. You may adjust the code to fit in perfectly into you blog. Particularly you may need to adjust the length of the store. To do that, look at the code carefully to locate the width. Reduce the width to a suitable size that will fit your blog, and you are good to go. The next thing is to drive traffic to your aStore and make sales with it.

In order to make any sales on your page, you need to drive serious traffic to it. Also, have a way of directing your site visitors to visit the page by maybe linking to the page from your blog sidebars. Put an attention-grabbing image on the sidebar and link it to the aStore. You can also do SEO for the page by using targeting keywords related to products you are promoting. Write quality contents about the products, offer reviews and tutorials about the products. If your content is good enough your site visitor's will trust you and follow your recommendation.

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