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My Services

You can hire me to do any of the following for you:

I can create a verified USA or UAE PayPal account for you (NGN 25,000). For details of this service, check the page on PayPal creation here.

I can create quality contents for your blog/websites such as articles, graphics, ebooks etc. For details of these services, check the page on content creation here.

I am an experienced audio/video transcriber. If you have an audio or video you want to transcribe into text, I'll be glad to work for you. You can check the details of my transcription services here.

I can create Facebook Page for you (NGN1,000)

I can customize your blog for you(Only NGN 5,000), this is for a blog hosted on a platform like Blogspot. But if you want a self-hosted blog, this amount does not cover domain name registration and hosting fees. You will have to pay for those ones separately.

I can host a blog or a website for you   (the price varies, depending on the size of your blog/website). You should contact me to discuss your requirements.

I can help you increase your blog or website traffic (N30,000 per month for 12 months)

I can make your blog to rank well on Google (NGN20,000 per month for 2 years)

I can develop a new hosted blog with a custom domain for you (NGN20,000)

I can develop a new blog for you with 30 original articles (NGN50,000)

I can set up a full affiliate store for you with well-written product reviews (NGN40,000)

I can create a responsive business website with 10 pages for you (NGN50,000)

I can create a fully functional e-commerce website with all your products uploaded, just like the one here: Delight Shop. That's one of my work. If you need something like this, contact me to discuss your needs.

I will publish your sponsored post on my blog for N5,000

I can teach you personally to make money online (NGN120,000 for one year )

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