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TellusPay - A Revolutionary Payment App for the World Unbanked

TellusPay- A payment app that pays you for using it
Other payment processors charge you for using their services, Tellus-Pay pays you instead, for using their services. What other payment processor do you thing can be better than this? As far as payment processing is concerned, Tellus-Pay is second to none - find out why:

Tellus-Pay is the most advanced payment processor in the world, a true hybrid application that has perfectly merged the benefits of crypto and fiat currencies into a revolutionary app that gives you the power to control your financial future.

A Simple And Secure Solution To Cash With Benefits That Go Far Beyond Simply Saving You Money. Tellus-Pay is much more than a payment, it offers it's users and merchants a zero fee solution as standard. Instant global payments in a range of crypto, digital and fiat currencies are delivered in real time.

Benefits of Using Tellus-Pay

1. 24/7 Services

With Tellus-Pay, you enjoy full digital banking power in the palm of your hand, with no limitations. You get to transact securely, anytime and anywhere.

2. 100% Accessible

You can fund your account with fiat currency (cash) and convert your funds to safe and secure digital money, no bank account required.

3. Easy Payments

With this revolutionary payment processor, you can enjoy Fast and Free digital payments that are secured with end to end encryption on the Tellus-Merchant network. Send, receive, buy or sell, buy cryptocurrency of your choice, be it bitcoin or altcoins, with Tellus-Pay. As a matter of fact, this is the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency in the world right now. You can load cryptocurrency with Tellus-Pay directly with your local currency. However, at the time of writing this article, this feature is available only to Nigerian South African users. Other countries are being added gradually, so check it out, you might be lucky to find your country local currency there.

4. Safe And Secure

All payments are secured through the Tellus-Pay API, it uses the most advanced form of SSL and anti-DDOS securities to keep your funds safe and secured.

5. Enjoy the Dividends of Using Tellus-Pay

The base currency of the Tellus-Pay app is CREDIT. CREDIT is a cryptocurrency developed by Terra Foundation, the developer of Tellus-Pay, TerraCEX, Terra-DAX, and TerraMART. These are all state-of-the-art tech products whose primary currency is CREDIT.

The Tellus-Pay, apart from being a payment app, it also function as a mobile staking wallet for the CREDIT coin. Credit is a highly advanced Cryptocurrency that requires no special equipment to mine. That's because it uses PoS (Proof of Stake) to support the blockchain.

Tellus-Pay features the only Mobile based CREDIT Staking wallet in the world. Now anyone can participate in mining CREDIT and earn up to 100% profit annually. It's easy to get started and you get payouts every hour, a simple click is all it takes to enjoy endless blockchain rewards that you have access to instantly. The best part of it is that you don't need to be connected to internet to enjoying the mining reward, it is cold mining, as it's being called in the crypto space. All you need to get started is to have some CREDIT balance in your account and you get reward every hour. There is no minimum amount, you can enjoy mining reward even with 1 CREDIT. There is no mining app that's as good as this in the crypto space at the moment.

6. Zero Fees Transactions

There is no payment processor out there that will process a transaction without charging a fee for it. Tellus-Pay is different, and that's why I titled my write up - Revolutionary - it is indeed revolutionizing the financial world. With Tellus-Pay, you can Send and Receive Your Money With No Charge, yes, you read that well - the transaction fee is ZERO.

Tellus-Pay has been designed to provide a suitable cash replacement for the world's unbanked population. The users and merchants benefit from 0 fee's when they Send or Receive money, and Buy or Sell on any market place that supports payment with Tellus-Pay.

Tellus-Pay ushers in a new age of fast, free and fair payments by simply using the best technology available. A perfect combination of Cryptocurrency efficiency and the real world utility of Fiat currency makes Tellus-Pay the future of payments.

7. Accept Digital Currency (Cryptocurrency) With Tellus-Pay

With Tellus-Pay you can accept Digital Payments Online Or In Person. The fast growing merchant network is delivered through a high speed, encrypted and highly advanced API. Merchants who flock to Tellus-Merchant do so to take advantage of the standard zero fee solution of Tellus-Pay payment processor.

Integrating Tellus-Merchant into your existing business is simple, use the App instore for checkouts and integrate with their SDK or Woocommerce plugin on your website. With Tellus-Pay, you don't have to wait for your money, your funds are available the moment they are received.

8. Tellus-Pay Delivers An Inclusive Payments Ecosystem

Tellus-Pay combines everything you need to take your payments digital, A wallet that pays you to use it and cost's you nothing to use. A fair deal for users and merchants as well, and that's why they have grown so quickly to over 350,000 users the world over in such a short time that they enter the market. The entire team behind the payment processor is dedicated to continue developing and maintaining their products far into the future and they are committed to being your life long partner in fast and free digital payments.

9. Hundreds (100s) of Coins Including USD Added on the App

With Tellus-Pay you can top up your NGN (Nigerian Naira) or ZAR (South African) balance with over 150 different cryptocurrencies. As stated earlier, other countries currencies will be added over time.  TellusPay exchange is also activated, which means, you can swap NGN or ZAR for CREDIT instantly and vice versa. Fiat services online for ZAR and NGN which will allow for fiat deposits and withdrawals in Nigeria and South Africa are available.

Also USD has been added to TellusPay to serve as an exchange market. There are, however, no plans at the moment to open fiat services in the US until 2020, but you can top up your USD balance with over 150 different cryptocurrencies and then instantly exchange USD for CREDIT. You can also do this with any fiat currency including ZAR and NGN.

Below is a table showing all the coins available in Tellus-Pay at the time of writing this article:
All the coins and currencies available on TellusPay

What Makes Tellus-Pay Different from Other Payment Processors?

As a matter of fact, Tellus-Pay stands out from every other payment processor, including PayPal. These Are The Reasons Why:

The world has benefited greatly from blockchain technology and to build on that success there is a need for further adoption through the successful delivery of Cryptocurrency and Fiat conversion - that's exactly where Tellus-Pay fits in. Here are some of the salient points to consider:

  • Fully Secure Payments: The technology that powers Tellus-Pay is security focused and built on transactions, this makes it impossible to create funds out of nothing, a process that helps you to earn just for using the app. Other payment processors charge you for using their services, Tellus-Pay pays you for using it.
  • No Fee, Zero Charges: With this payment processor you take total control of your finances by using a solution that not only saves you money but can earn you an income as well.
  • Instant World Wide Transactions: Send, Receive, buy and sell with Tellus-Pay for instant exchange of funds.

How to Make Money with Tellus-Pay

Tellus-Pay: The Mining App that Pays You Every Hour

I stated in the first paragraph of this page that Tellus-Pay App pays you for using it. So, how can you be paid for using the app. Apart from being a payment processor, Tellus-Pay is a crypto mining app that pays you every hour. The only thing you need to do to enjoy this is to buy some CREDIT coin from exchanges mentioned below, transfer them to your Tellus-Pay account and start mining to enjoy 100% return annually. 

If you need in Nigeria or South Africa, you can use your local currency to buy CREDIT right on the app (other countries are being added). If that is not available in your country at the moment, you can buy from any of the exchanges listed below. 

How Do You Get In

All you need to do is Click this Link, Register an account, download the Tellus-Pay App it and install on your phone. Register and activate your account. Fund it with your local currency (NGN and ZAR for Nigerian and South African users - more countries currencies are coming very soon). You can then use your funds to pay for whatever you want the buy, worldwide. 

You can also fund with with CREDIT (which is the base currency of Terra Foundation - the developer of TellusPay) and other crypto coins. 

Where to Buy CREDIT Coin?

At the time of writing this article, CREDIT is actively trading in 4 exchanges which include: 

Catex: I love Catex particularly, because you can buy any amount of CREDIT, unlike the Bitforex where you cannot buy less than 200,000 unit of CREDIT coins. On Catex you can buy even 1 CREDIT (at the time of writing this article). Another benefit is low transaction fees. You can enjoy zero transaction fee on Catex if you are holding the native token, CATT.

On Catex, credit pairs with Eth and BTC. So, you need to get any of the two before you can buy CREDIT on the exchange. Sign up for Catex here

Bitforex: This is another exchange you can buy CREDIT coin and other cryptocurrency that you can use to fund your TellusPay. Here, CREDIT pairs with Eth and USDT, so you need to have either of these to be able to buy. You can sign up for Bitforex here

Hubi: This is another active exchange where CREDIT coin is trading. 

TerraCEX: This is an exchange owned by the Terra Foundation itself, the creator of CREDIT and TellusPay. Just like Catex, there are lots of benefits for trading here, so I recommend you use either Catex or TerraCEX to buy your CREDIT coins. Sign up for TerraCEX here

How to Mine on Tellus-Pay

Once you have bought CREDIT from any of the exchanges or within the Tellus-Pay app, you will have to withdraw it from exchanges to your Tellus-Pay app.

For an exchange, copy your Tellus-Pay wallet address which is always at the top of the page once you log into your Tellus account. Use that address to withdraw you CREDIT from the exchange. Wait for some hours for your coins to land in your account. The coins that you sent will be deposited in your Portfolio account, it doesn't start mining automatically. You would have to move it to the miner. Study the image below to understand the difference between the two accounts.

The Portfolio account is the one in green square while the Miner account is the one in red. Take note of the balance you have in the Portfolio account and move it to the Miner account to start mining. There is no minimum or maximum amount required to enjoy mining. However, the more coins you have the better your profit, so go get as much CREDIT as you can to enjoy huge returns.

If you are new to crypto you may find some of these steps challenging a bit, but don't worry, you can always ask any question on the Telegram channel and the admins are always ready to answer you 24/7. You may also leave your questions in form of comments below.

The best time to get on the board is now. At the time of writing this article, you can get as much as 1,000,000 CREDIT for about $15. The price is rising every day, so join us before it becomes too expensive.

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